BlogWhy do Women Reject Me? How to Deal with Rejection

Why do Women Reject Me? How to Deal with Rejection

We have all been rejected in our lives. It is not something you want to go through all the time. Understanding why you being rejected will help you stop this bad cycle.

It is important to understand that being rejected is not personal! Today, we will tell you how to tell if you are being rejected. We will share with you the reasons why you are being rejected. We will also share what to do once you have been rejected.

How To Tell You Are Being Rejected?

Before you can understand why you get rejected, you need to be able to tell if you are being rejected in the first place. Here are a few signs that women will show if they are rejecting you.

1. Plans do not stick

You try and make plans and they just never seem to stick. You try and change the plans to suit her schedule and something always comes up.

If she is not trying to make time to see you, she does not want to see you. You can try to change the plans as often as you like, but if she has made up her mind, she will make an excuse not to see you.

2. She does not initiate communication

If a woman is interested, she will message or call you first. She wants to know what is going on with you, how your day is going, and so on. If she does not initiate communication, she is not as interested in you and your life as you think.

Over time, she might even ghost you. This is when she does not reply to anything that you say. If you message her enough, she can also block your number and avoid all forms of communication once and for all. Don’t get discouraged by this, you can always try to improve your communication skills by using phone chat lines and reducing the chances of you getting rejected.

3. She tells you directly that she is not interested

Some women can be straightforward and honest. They do not want to string you along so instead of getting your hopes up, they will tell you from the beginning that they do not want to be with you. Some might even be a bit harsher and say they want nothing to do with you.

Reasons Why Women Reject You?

Now that you know if you are being rejected, it is time to look at some of the reasons why you might be rejected in the first place.

1. Bad Body Odor

There is nothing worse than being around someone who does not smell great. Bad body odor might be the reason why a woman wants nothing to do with you.

Before you go out, make sure that you put on anti-antiperspirant and an aftershave. This will make you smell yummy. It will help eliminate one of the reasons why women tend to reject men.

2. She is with someone else

Sometimes men read the signs all wrong. They think a woman is flirting with them when in fact, they are just being nice. A reason why you get rejected is that the woman you are trying to impress is with someone else.

This is not a personal rejection. It has nothing to do with you. She is just happy being in the committed relationship she is currently in.

3. Low self-esteem is not attractive for women

It is hard to believe in yourself when you keep getting rejected. It is normal for you to lose self-esteem over time. With that being said, there is nothing less attractive to a woman than a man who has low self-esteem.

You cannot expect someone to believe in you if you do not believe in yourself. The lower your self-esteem the more turned off a woman will be and you will be rejected. You can turn this around by working on your self-esteem. Tell yourself that you do deserve love. You are a great guy and a girl will be lucky to have you in her life.

4. You do not look after your appearance or health

If you dress badly, do not put any effort into your appearance, you will not get the girl. A woman loves a man who dresses nicely when they go out, puts in some effort, and does not look like he just rolled out of bed.

Looking after your health is not something that you should do to get a woman. You should look after your health so that you can stay healthy and be around for a long time. Showing that you take care of your health is a huge turn-on because it shows a woman that you care enough about yourself and her to ensure that you can be around for as long as possible.

5. Self-doubt

If you keep telling a girl that you do not deserve her. That you are not worthy, she will start believing that and will reject you. You might not have all the money in the world. Look the hottest and is the smartest but if you show her that you will do everything in your power to keep her happy, you are golden.

Keep reminding her about what you do not have, and what you cannot give her, you will turn her off and she will move onto someone else.

6. You have a bad reputation

You might not realize it but women talk to each other about everything. If you have the reputation of dating and dumping women, you have created a bad rep. This is an instant turn-off. You might also be known for hanging out with the wrong group of people and women do not want to be associated with that.

You can change this by showing that you care about women. Change your social circle so that you can show people who you are and the influences you like to have around you.

What To Do Once You Have Been Rejected?

Being rejected is not fun but you must treat the rejection process properly so that you do not turn into a man that no one wants to be with ever again.

1. Respect her Decision

Once you have found out that you have been rejected, respect her wishes. You do not want to bombard her with messages and beg. It will not only give you a bad reputation but it will also make you look desperate.

She is not the right woman for you and that is alright. Tell her that you respect her decision and that there are no hard feelings.

2. Do not Overthink it

Spend a bit of timing thinking about the relationship. What did you do? How did she respond? What was the reason you got rejected by this woman? With that being said, do not spend a lot of time thinking about this and then overthink it.

It is not the end of the world for you to be rejected. It does hurt but it is not a personal attack on you as a person. She was just not interested in what you had to offer her. That does not mean it will happen with every woman that you meet. There is someone out there who will not reject you. You just have to keep believing in yourself. Your forever woman is waiting for you somewhere out there. You just got to kiss all the frogs until you meet your very own princess.

3. Dive into a project or hobby that you like

The best thing for you to do is take your mind off of being rejected. You can do this by doing something that you love and enjoy. End of the day, it will not be hard for you to find something you enjoy more than being rejected.

Turn to a hobby that you used to do, go meet some friends for a drink, start a new entrepreneurial journey, such as a real estate agency, a modeling agency, or a consulting firm. Do not take the rejection with a heavy heart. Have some fun and wipe off the rejection so that you can try again when you are ready.

4. Move on

Dealing with rejection is hard but you will figure out how to move on from the rejection sooner or later. Try your best not to jump from one person to another. Take the time to figure out why you were rejected and learn to deal with the emotions that come with rejection. Enjoy being single and learn what it is that you want from a woman. This will help you find the right person for you.


Men that land up with the woman and are not rejected are the type of men that show they are confident, proud, smell amazing, and know how to keep a woman interested.

Look after yourself and show that you are proud of the man that you are. Show the woman what it is that you can give her and give her reasons that will show she cannot live without you. Rejection happens to the best of us. It all depends on how you deal with that rejection because if you take it like a man, respect her and learn from your mistakes, you will find your soulmate.

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