BlogVedic Astrology: The Best Solution To Your Problems In Life

Vedic Astrology: The Best Solution To Your Problems In Life

Astrology is an art that was known from ancient times. People used this knowledge to predict seasons by looking at the position of stars and celestial bodies in the sky. It is a matter of discussion, whether stars or heavenly bodies affect our lives on earth. And if it does then how much impact they can impose on a person’s life. Let us know about these things in great detail.

What is Vedic Astrology?

Vedic astrology is the purest form of Astrology. Using this sacred knowledge, we can solve a variety of problems related to our life. It could be love-related problems, marriage-related concerns, Business rivals, study, or career-related questions in online psychic platforms as Kasamba.

This art is very accurate in predicting the possible outcome in the near future. The prediction of the future requires in-depth knowledge of Vedic astrology and knows how the stars and heavenly bodies can affect a particular person’s life.

Vedic astrology

Do stars or moons affect our life on earth?

Vedic astrology states that nine planets can affect human beings on earth. These planets are so strong that they affect our physical well-being and affect us on mental health and emotional states as well. They can also change our vision, thought, expression, belief system, and faith in religion. You might be surprised to know that astrology speaks about the relationship between the planets and star position on a person’s horoscope.

Every living creature on the earth has a birth horoscope. They are born in a particular place at a special time. No two living creatures can be born on the same date, time, and position with stars as per Vedic astrology. They might differ in location, place, or time. It could be a difference of a fraction of seconds.

However, that still can significantly impact the change of the birth sign as per Vedic astrology. The horoscope of the person denotes the position of stars and planets in the house. There is a fitting room for every planet and celestial bodies. If these planets wander from one room to another, they might cause disturbance and problems in life.

Now the question arises whether or not they affect our life. According to science, gravitation is an evident fact that has significance to earth from a distance. It is a known fact that the moon’s position itself can cause high tides and low tides. If they are closest to sea levels on the earth, it causes high tide due to gravitational pull. However, if they are farther away, then it causes low tides in water bodies on earth.

Similarly, stars like the sun also have a significant impact on our way of living. In equatorial regions where the sun rays fall directly overhead are the most heated regions of the earth. People here live in a house that remains cool in the hot season. They are adapted to live in a warm region. However, if the sun rays are slanting throughout the year, there is a winter season. These areas are frozen, and people living there are adapted accordingly. They have hairs on their bodies to keep them warm during the winter season.

Not only this, but they affect our profession as well. The position of stars and planets can determine which profession will be apt for you to achieve great success quickly. Sometimes we think that even after devoting a significant amount of time, we are not getting good business profits. This happens only if your stars and planets are not in your favor.

We cannot change the position of the stars and planets sitting on the earth. However, we can reduce the impact of the stars and planets by performing some Vedic activities.

The Vedic text has revealed that worshipping Lord Ganesh can yield good fortune in anyone’s life. Lord Ganesh is the God of House in the horoscope and is regarded as the first God to be worshipped in the Hindu religion. If Lord Ganesh wants to bestow his blessings to his disciples, then a person will succeed in all professions whatsoever he does. However, if Lord Ganesh does not want you to perform specific activity no matter how strong desire you have to complete that task, you might not accomplish it in your lifetime.

Chanting prayers seems complicated. There are some magical words that, when spelled, said or heard correctly, can also reduce the impact of celestial bodies on human beings.

If you start praying to gods and chant Hanuman Chalisa, Shiv Chalisa, Vishnu Stuti, and Durga Chalisa regularly, then all your problems will start vanishing on their own. You will experience great peace of mind, and vital energy will surround your body, protecting you from any external factors affecting your mind and body.

Vedic astrology also teaches us how to become faithful and trustworthy to others. The concept of Karma can explain all that is happening in the current situation. If someone faces trouble and pain at present, it is because of his karma in his past.

The most interesting fact about the concept of karma is that it never forgets its path. People who are poorly treated in the past are getting insulted in the present times. And those who are insulting in present times will be poorly treated in the future.

There is an aura in the human being that protects us from universal awakening. This aura can be mixed with the universe through yoga and meditation.

At this time, we attain the highest knowledge of all kinds. Many people have experienced these things in the past. Some of them are the greatest preachers of all time. They are Jesus Christ, Lord Buddha, and Guru Nanak Dev.

Every religion preaches the same thing in different words and textbooks. The concept is the law of attraction. We become what we believe in our minds. The human mind is very powerful that can heal the body itself without any medicine. All we need to believe and trust our true power.

The Law of attraction preaches to us that we should always be positive no matter whatever comes to our lives. We should have positive dreams about our partners, and visualize going for a romantic date. This feeling can manifest the dream if the feeling is genuine. Mother Nature responds to every desire and wish you have. There is nothing small or big for Mother Nature. Nature shapes itself to give that thing you asked and wanted from them.

If we always keep complaining about bad things happening in our lives, we send signals that you want more than those things. Nature shapes itself to mold unfavorable circumstances and events in your life.

However, if you always have positive thoughts and emotions, nature will bring more positive events and circumstances to make you happy and satisfied. Vedic astrology is a difficult subject to study, and one must have proper guidance to pursue a career in this field.

We can also seek help from Vedic astrologers for asking about the future like whether partners will get married or not, will they have babies in the future, what things will make planets and stars favor you, etc. By performing simple steps, you can have a significant change in your lifestyle and way of thinking.

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