Famous People Quotes21 Sudha Murthy Quotes that will Encourage You

21 Sudha Murthy Quotes that will Encourage You

Sudha Murthy the chairperson of Infosys Foundation is also a teacher, Kannada, and English author, and philanthropist. She began her professional career in computer science and engineering. We have collected some of the best Sudha Murthy quotes that will encourage you to look at life through a new lens.

In the 1960s, Sudha Murthy became the first female from her college to join a male-dominated engineering company.

Sudha Murthy has written numerous books. some of her famous books are How I Taught My Grandmother to Read, The Old Man and His God, Wise & Otherwise.

She has received many awards and honors for her contributions including the R.K. Narayan Award for Literature and the Padma Shri. We have also mentioned some quotes from her famous books that definitely deserve a mention.

So now let see some of the best Quotes by Sudha Murthy that would give you your daily dose of motivation! and also it can help you in exploring life.

Sudha Murthy Quotes

  • “When climbing the ladder it is very easy to kick those below, but one must not forget that you cannot stay at the top forever. The higher you go, the longer is the fall.” – Sudha Murthy
  • “Life is an exam where the syllabus is unknown and question papers are not set. Nor are there model answer papers.” – Sudha Murthy, Wise & Otherwise
Sudha Murthy Quotes
  • “We can give our children only two things in life which are essential. Strong roots and powerful wings. Then they may fly anywhere and live independently.” – Sudha Murthy
  • “Struggle is life.” – Sudha Murthy


  • “A Cuckoo should never dance and a Peacock should not try to sing!” – Sudha Murthy
  • “Be dependent on yourself, and know that courage has to be born within you. It takes time but you have to work for it.” – Sudha Murthy


  • “Vision without action is merely a dream, action without vision is merely passing time, but vision and action together can change the world.”  – Sudha Murthy, Wise & Otherwise
  • “There is a difference between loneliness and solitude. Loneliness is boring, whereas in solitude you can inspect and examine your deeds and your thoughts.” – Sudha Murthy, How I Taught My Grandmother to Read
  • “A fire cannot be extinguished with another fire. It is the only water that can make a difference.” – Sudha Murthy, The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk
  • “If you try to please everyone, you will please no one. It is impossible to lead your life for others’ happiness.” – Sudha Murthy, Wise & Otherwise
quotes by Sudha Murthy
quotes by Sudha Murthy
  • “Usually, people who are sensitive need more time to understand the real world.” – Sudha Murthy, House of Cards
  • “Money is one thing which rarely unites and mostly divides people.” – Sudha Murthy, The Old Man and His God

quotes by Sudha Murthy

  • “When a doctor makes a mistake, a person goes six feet below the ground. When a judge makes a mistake, a person is hung six feet above the ground. But when a teacher makes a mistake, the entire batch of students is destroyed. Don’t ever look down on teachers.” – Sudha Murthy, The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk
  • “You should not be so sensitive. Sensitive people suffer a lot in life.”
    – Sudha Murthy, How I Taught My Grandmother to Read
How I Taught My Grandmother to Read Quotes
How I Taught My Grandmother to Read Quotes
  • “I realized then that only diseases and not honesty and integrity are passed down to the next generation through genes.” – Sudha Murthy, The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk
  • “When daughters grow up, they become good friends to mothers but when young boys grow up, they become strangers.” – Sudha Murthy, House of Cards
House of Cards Quotes
House of Cards Quotes
  • “Who is the best friend to a man and a woman?” The answer is: “A wife to her husband and a husband to his wife.” – Sudha Murthy, House of Cards
  • “Rich or poor, it is good to do our own work and be fit.” – Sudha Murthy, A Cure For Laziness

Quotes by Sudha Murthy

  • “It is very difficult to earn trust. It takes years to build and it can be destroyed in an instant by one bad deed.” – Sudha Murthy
  • “Having good relationships, compassion, and peace of mind is much more important than achievements, awards, degrees, or money.” – Sudha Murthy


  • “When someone gets cheated, that person gets upset not because they have lost money but because he or she realizes that they have been foolish enough to be tricked by someone.” – Sudha Murthy, The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk
Sudha Murthy Quotes
Sudha Murthy Quotes

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