80 Suicide Prevention Quotes So That We Choose Life

Suicide Prevention Quotes

We always hear that suicide is not an option and we firmly stand with it. Our brain is stronger than we can imagine, but what if the brain is sick and it sees no other option than not existing? Well, this is where mental health professionals, medications, counselors, and loved ones come in; to help … Read more

82 Waterfall Quotes To Admire the Cascading Beauty

Waterfall Quotes

A waterfall is beautiful and it keeps going on without a moment to spare, without a doubt in his heart and without any guilt to hold, helping vegetation and wild to flourish through its water. And hence we have brought the best Waterfall Quotes and Sayings that will help us get closer to this beauty … Read more

140 Buddha Quotes That Can Change Your Life

Gautam Buddha Quotes

The journey of this person from Siddhartha Gautama to Gautama Buddha is pretty mesmerizing. This is the story of Siddhartha Gautama who was born and brought up in the royal family, and how he laid off the royal privileges in the search for peace. And how in the process of finding peace, he was enlightened … Read more

50 Value Quotes To Give You Values

Values Quotes

Don’t give your child a toy and he will cry for a while, but don’t give him values and he will cry for life. This is how important are life values. And here we have brought these inspiring Life Value Quotes to inspire you to have and give values as a heritage to all your … Read more

100 Know Your Worth Quotes To Value Yourself

Know Your Worth Quotes

Do you ever think that you do not deserve a specific thing, because if you do, you need to stop now as you deserve each and everything that you can dream of and work for, you are worth everything that you hustle hard to achieve. So know yourself, work to be better every day and … Read more

95 Deep Quotes That Will Make You Think

Strong Deep Quotes

Any aspect of our life or anything in this world that has depth easily becomes more attractive and meaningful. And to take you into those magical depths, we have brought these Deep Quotes and Sayings about love and friendship for you. A deep sea, a deep valley, or a deep cave is as dangerous as … Read more

75 Proud Quotes For Your Proudest Moments

Proud Quotes

WORK HAD AND BE PROUD OF WHAT YOU ACHIEVE. Why should we just be proud of achieving, winning, and completing things? Let us learn to be proud of trying, struggling, and hustling too. So to make you proud of your moments of struggle, achievements, and successes, we have brought these Proud Quotes and Sayings for … Read more

Mother’s Day Quotes That’ll Make Your Mom Feel Special

Mother Quotes and Missing Mom Quotes

If God could be everywhere to hit us with wiper every time we did something really stupid, he would not have created mothers. Mothers are here to take over this world with her superb capabilities of coping up with unlimited kid tantrums and uncalled dad jokes with her kickass sass. You might say “mah life … Read more