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How Much Can You Earn as a Desktop Administrator If You Pass Exam labs Microsoft MD-100 Certification Exam?

Becoming a desktop administrator is a process that includes several stages. Even though you already know how to configure, secure, and manage your client’s applications in a business environment, this doesn’t mean that the doors of any corporation will immediately open for you. What will impress the recruiters and increase your chances to land a job is having extra abilities along with their proof. For instance, in form of renowned exam labs certification like Microsoft Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate. This credential will leverage your presentation and convince any manager that you know what to do in this position.

The mentioned accreditation can be obtained if you pass Exam-Labs MD-100 and MD-101 exams. As they are not easy, you need to allocate enough time for studies and stay focused during the whole training process. But, how to keep motivated when there are so many challenges on this path? The answer is to know the benefits awaiting you. So, read on to know if your efforts will be worth the results and what’s involved in MD-100 exam.

How Much a Desktop Administrator Can Win in One Year?

Of course, the exact sum you are going to get annually will depend on the company you’ll be working for, its location, your experience, and day-to-day responsibilities. But still, there are clear statistics that allow us to make some predictions. So, as stated on, the lower limit of the interval of annual salaries for desktop administrators stays around $38k. What about the average income, it is $51k per annum. However, it can achieve a mark of $69k.

Still, the more competent you are, the better the chances to get great remuneration. So, let’s have a look at the first step of your certification process, Exam labs MD-100 content.

What Skills Do You Validate by MD-100 Exam?

Passing Microsoft ExamSnap MD-100 requires test-takers to develop a series of skills. Generally, they include the following:

  • Windows 10 deployment which means the configuration of language packs, user data migration, and troubleshooting a variety of issues related to activation and others
  • Performing correct configuration of different Windows applications and post-installation features
  • Management of devices, local groups, and users
  • Configuration of data access and providing NTFS and shared permissions
  • Configuration and implementation of local policy, as well as group policies troubleshooting
  • Windows security management and user account control
  • Networking and remote activity configuration along with data recovery
  • Monitoring Windows and available updates


Becoming a desktop administrator requires an organized learning schedule and a lot of determination to pass Exam labs MD-100 and MD-101 exam labs and obtain your desired certification. Even though the training process is not easy, you should keep in mind that once you get accredited, your efforts will be appreciated by your manager with bonuses and incentives. Now, you have serious reasons to stay motivated until the end, so good luck with your assessment!

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