Hannibal Lecter Quotes That Will Give You Goosebumps

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We present you with some quotes from the minds of Hannibal Lecter and the people around him.

Hannibal is an American psychological thriller/horror/crime television series developed by Bryan Fuller. The plot and characters of the series are based on the novel franchise by Thomas Harris-Red Dragon(1981), The Silence of the Lambs(1988), Hannibal(1999), Hannibal Rising(2006). There also are five movies based on the novels Manhunter (19866), The Silence of the Lambs(1991), Hannibal(2001), Red Dragon(2002), and Hannibal Rising(2007).

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Hannibal is so gruesome that it’s beautiful. It is such a brilliantly and artistically made TV series that once you have watched it, no other horror seems horrifying enough. Hannibal introduces you to monsters, monsters that are too real, so real that they can easily be lurking around you right now and you wish you never find them because once you do find them, they will cut you open in half.

The three-seasons and thirty-nine-episodes series premiered on NBC on April 4, 2013, and the third and final season ended on August 29, 2015. The series was canceled further because of the low ratings.
But now, with the Hannibal series re-launched on Netflix from June 5, 2020, and trending from then on, the hooked audience, along with the cast and crew are hoping for another season, yay! (fingers crossed).

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And with this hope, We’ve collected some of Hannibal’s Quotes from films, novels, and the television show.

Hannibal Lecter Quotes

He is a dark, elegant, intellectual, and extremely intelligent person, he is an intriguing and scary gentleman who lives by aesthetics. To understand him better, enjoy his talking in poems and riddles and metaphors:

  • Killing must feel good to God, too. He does it all the time.
Hannibal Lecter Images with Quotes
Hannibal Lecter Quotes
  • A census taker once tried to test me. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti.
  • Discourtesy is unspeakably ugly to me.
  • I do wish we could chat for longer, but I am having an old friend for dinner.
  • Whenever feasible, one should always try to eat the rude.
  • I’ve always found the idea of death comforting.
  • Without death, we’d be at loss. It’s the prospect of death that drives us to greatness.

Hannibal Lecter Picture with Sayings

  • Remarkable boy. I do admire your courage. I think I’ll eat your heart.
  • The tragedy is not to die, but to be wasted.
  • On a similar note, I must confess to you, I’m giving very serious thought…to eating your wife.
  • Our scars have the power to remind us that the past was real.
  • Have you seen blood in the moonlight? It appears quite black.
  • Are you looking for sympathy? You’ll find it in the dictionary between shit and syphilis.
  • I never feel guilty eating anything.
hannibal Quotes
Hannibal Lecter Quotes
  • Cruelty is a gift humanity has given itself.
  • God’s terrific. He dropped a church roof on 34 of his worshipers last Wednesday in Texas, while they sang a hymn.
  • Passion’s good. Get’s blood pumping.
  • It’s important to know when to turn the page.
  • First and worst sign of sociopathic behavior, cruelty to animals.
  • Words are living things. They have personality, point of view, agenda.
hannibal lecter Quotes
Hannibal Lecter Quotes
  • Before we begin, you must all be warned. Nothing here is vegetarian. Bon appetit.
  • Memory gives moments immortality, but forgetfulness promotes a healthy mind.
  • A life without regrets would be no life at all.
  • Therapy only works when we have a genuine desire to know ourselves as we are. Not as we would like to be.
  • Evil is just destructive? Storms are evil if it’s that simple.

hannibal images with quotes

  • When a fox hears the rabbit scream, he comes running. But not to help.
  • The most beautiful quality of a true friendship is to understand and be understood with absolute clarity.
  • Cannibalism was standard practice among our ancestors.
  • Nothing happened to me. I happened.
hannibal lecter Quotes
Hannibal Lecter Quotes
  • Will, was it good to see me?

Will Graham Quotes

An anti-social and disturbed criminal profiler for the FBI who has the ability to empathize with criminals. He can recreate crime scenes by entering the minds of criminals, but sometimes, he is stuck in the minds forever.

  • This is my design.
  • Tell me your design. Tell me who you are.
  • We’re all desperate for a little hope.
  • I’m building rooms in my memory palace for all my friends.

Hannibal Lecter Quotes That Will Give You Goosebumps

  • Therapy doesn’t work on me. Because I know all the tricks.
  • It isn’t very smart to piss off a guy who thinks about killing people for a living.
  • I can empathize with anyone. It’s less to do with a personality disorder than an active imagination.
  • What I believe is closer to science fiction than anything in the bible.
  • We construct fairytales, and we accept them. Our minds concoct all sorts of fantasies when we don’t want to believe something.
  • I just interpret the evidence, that explains everything.
  • I’m just talking to them. I’m not listening to them. It’s not social.
  • Please don’t psychoanalyze me. You won’t like me when I’m psychoanalyzed. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go give a lecture on psychoanalyzing.
  • She is paralyzed before it(bullet) leaves her body. Which doesn’t mean she can’t feel pain. It just means she can’t do anything about it.
  • I feel like I’m fading.
  • Stability requires strong foundations, Jack. My moorings are built on sand.
  • I am not the intelligent psychopath you are looking for.
  • You and I probably sipped wine while swallowing the people who we were trying to give justice, Jack.
  • He’ll try to kill you in the kitchen…for convenience. It makes it easier for him to prepare the tartare.
  • Is Hannibal in love with me?
  • I sent someone to kill you, you sent someone to kill me. Even-Steven.
  • Capture Bonding-a passive psychological response to a new master has been an essential survival tool for a million years. You bond with your captor, you survive. You don’t, you’re breakfast.
  • Makes me feel like I am sitting in a dunking tank and you are lobbing soft balls hoping to make a splash, but you keep missing the target.
  • I don’t expect you to admit anything, you can’t. But I prefer sins of omission to outright lie, Dr Lecter, don’t lie to me.
  • I envy your hate. Makes it easier when you know how to feel.
  • Change your tactics. Use live bait that moves, it excites him to acting. You gotta make him bite, even though he is not hungry.
  • You have to create a reality where only you and the fish exist. Your lure is the one thing he wants despite everything he knows.
  • You’re not my friend. The light from friendship won’t reach us for million years, that’s how far away from friendship we are.
  • Everyone has thought about killing someone, one way or another.

Will Graham Quotes in Hannibal

  • There is a common emotion we all recognize and not yet named; the happy anticipation of being able to feel contempt.
  • I miss my dogs, I’m not gonna miss you, I’m not gonna find you, I’m not gonna look for you, I don’t wanna know where you are or what you do. I don’t wanna think about you anymore.
  • You delight, I tolerate. I don’t have your appetite. Goodbye Hannibal.
  • God can’t save any of us because it’s inelegant. Elegance is more important than suffering. That’s his design.
  • A mutually unspoken pact to ignore the worst in one another in order to continue enjoying the best.
  • Is your social worker in that horse?
  • I’m just still worn out with you crazy sons of bitches.
  • Eyes are distracting. You see too much, you don’t see enough.
  • Meat is back on the menu.
  • I see him as one of those pitiful things, sometimes born in hospitals. He looks normal and nobody can tell what he is.
  • It’s beautiful.
  • That may require me to be…social.
  • I am no more guilty of the crime you accuse me of than you are of the crimes I accuse you of.
  • The space opposite me took the shape of a man filled with dark and swarming flies.
  • I have never known myself as well as I know myself when I’m with him.
  • I am gonna say pretty please.
  • Did you just smell me?

Jack Crowford Quotes

  • Can I borrow your imagination?

Hannibal Lecter Quotes That Will Give You Goosebumps

  • Come on Will. I need my beauty sleep.
  • You make jumps you can’t explain, Will.
  • Feeling bad defeats the purpose of a psychopath, doesn’t it?
  • Will Graham deals with huge amounts of fear. It comes with his imagination.
  • You beginning to appreciate my lack of sympathy?

Jack Crowford Quotes with images

  • Well, I’m not just gonna stand outside my marriage and watch this happen. If that’s what she wants, too bad! She married the wrong guy for that.
  • Your bad luck that you are the best, pal.
  • I’m not sand. I’m bedrock.
  • Well, thank God for small favors.

Abel Gideon Quotes

  • The effect I was hoping to have was her death. Mission accomplished.

Abel Gideon Quotes

  • Regarding divorce, word of advice-it’s easier to kill ’em. Kill everyone at the table. Less paperwork. Worked for me.
  • My wife? Horrible!.
  • How do you keep those whites so clean? That always amazes me.
  • You got inside my mind, Frederick. It’s only fair I get inside your belly.
  • You intend me to be my own last supper?
  • Eating her is honoring her. Otherwise, it’s just a murder. -Garret Jacob Hobbs
  • There’s no point at being mad at cancer for being cancer. -Bella Crawford
  • Cancer isn’t cruel. Tiny cell wanders off from liver, gets lost, finds its way into my lung, where it’s just trying to do its job and grow a liver. -Bella Crawford
  • My dad killed girls at all schools I applied to. -Abigail Hobbs
  • I’m glad we didn’t have guns in my house. Would have shot my sisters just to get them out of the bathroom. -Brian Zeller
  • My parents gave me a gift. A twin. Who wouldn’t want two of me? -Jimmy Price
Abel Gideon Quotes
Hannibal Lecter Quotes
  • Certain personalities are attracted to certain professions. -Alana Bloom
  • Here we are, a bunch of psychopaths helping each other out. -Freddie Lounds
  • Insane isn’t really black or white. -Freddie Lounds
  • Everybody decides their own versions of the truth. -Freddie Lounds

hannibal Quotes

  • They never see me coming unless I want them to see me coming. -Lawrence Wells
  • Neither of us are really free. -Miriam Lass
  • Excuse me if I don’t offer you a cigar. -Mason Verger
  • I’m going to feed you to my pigs, Carlo! -Mason Verger
  • (After eating his own nose)-I’m so full of myself. -Mason Verger
  • Some beasts shouldn’t be caged. -Chiyoh
  • The Great Red Dragon!!!! -Francis Dolarhyde

Thomas Harris’s brainchild Hannibal is madness, and the madness is so sophisticated and harmonious, you will fall in love with him and love so deep you will want to rip out your heart and give it to him. Hannibal is a lover of art and music, and his love for cooking, cuisines, wines, and delicacies is beyond any words.

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