12 Creative and Unique Gift Ideas for Him – Cool Gifts for Boyfriend

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The romantic side of a man could be his most vulnerable yet most intense side. Boyfriends are effortlessly beautiful, in and out. Bearded or clean shaved, emotional or tough, geek or stud, tall or short, no matter what, these creatures are adorable (kisses and hugs!!!) in all their forms. And moreover, they make our lives so much fun with their silly flirty smiles and long charming eyelashes. And in this article, we are giving you 12 creative gift ideas for him so that you can impress your love on his special day.

A man could be a son, brother, husband, father, friend and lover, but in all his relations, he is mostly typecast as a tough and strong person who never cries or shares his heart. And to some extent, most men are secretive of their emotions, especially pain, and struggles. He might be suffering to make your life better on a daily basis, but won’t ever complain. From being our partners in crime to being our partners in all phases of life, they stand by their love strong.

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But however tough they might seem, they still are little babies at heart who love to be pampered and spoiled with love and presents just like any one of us. And genuinely, finding the perfect gift for a man could be a bit tricky.

So if you are searching for hours for the perfect gift ideas for him, to thank him, or for a special day, then we are here to help you out. Given below is a list of the most precious gift ideas for a boyfriend, so read on and plan the perfect surprise to tell him that you love him loads:

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12 Best Unique Gift Ideas for Him

1. The Perfect Date

The most amazing gift you can give to a person who loves you is your time and efforts. So just plan a date, choose a place and time he loves, cook or order some food he loves, maybe Netflix and chill, with vintage wine or whiskey, and you are good to go. A long drive or ride or walk afterward will be a cherry on the top. Just plan something different from the routine and enjoy along with the love of your life.

gift ideas for a boyfriend

2. Perfumes

To be true, this will be a gift for you more than for him, because what is more attractive than a pleasant smelling guy? Answer- pleasant-smelling boyfriend. Now he smells like your favorite fragrance and guess what, he is all yours.

perfume bottle - gift idea for him

3. Chocolate and Cakes

Sweet tooth or not, everyone loves occasional or their daily dose of chocolates. And if your partner is one of those rare souls, who does not like chocolates, then buy him a cake, cupcakes, donuts, or even brownies. The market is full of amazing looking and amazing tasting assortments of sugar supplies. And a card with a cheesy message alongside will add on to that old but gold nineties sort of romance. Sweet and savory goes hand in hand after all, just like your relationship.

gift ideas for a boyfriend

4. Love Letter or just a Letter

Talking of nineties romance, what says love better, than a love letter? Answer- a scented love letter. Write for him, whatever you could not say, or whatever you want him to read, again and again, your thoughts, your emotions for him, whatever you feel about him and your relationship, how awesome you think he is, and even a poem. Trust me girl, he will melt down like ice in a desert.

gift ideas for a boyfriend

5. Liquor Mugs/Glass

Buy classic mugs or glasses or even jugs for his favorite drink. There is nothing more fun for guys than his beer and beer in a classy beer glass would make your king’s crown shine even brighter.

gift ideas for a boyfriend

6. Plants

Gift him a plant even if he is not a plant person. It will be like your love baby, nurture it together and watch it grow as your love grows. And if you are not confident about keeping a plant alive, then just go to the local plant nursery and ask the owner to give you the hardiest plant he knows, they are the saviors. You can also send some notes from these plant quotes collection to the father of your plant baby to tell him about your expected plant baby.

gift ideas for a boyfriend

7. Bouquets and Action Figures

Why should girls get all the flowers and all the soft toys? Gift him a flower bouquet, or a chocolate bouquet, along with his favorite superhero action figure or even a soft toy. Unleash the small kid in him.

gift ideas for a boyfriend

8. Self-care or Spa Kit

Even guys love being pampered with self-care products, be it face masks, lotions, bubble baths, bath bombs, or even a relaxing massage using essential oils. Bring for him a self-care kit or spa kit, and maybe be his masseuse for the day.

gift ideas for a boyfriend
Self-care or Spa Kit

9. Explosion Box

This one is trending right now. You might have seen people opening boxes and as soon as the lid opens, the box spreads out into a ton of chocolates, notes, and photographs. Get one for him, and watch him open the box in awe. This is one of the best gift ideas for him to give on his birthday.



10. Gift Basket

This one is a simpler version of the explosion box. Just get a pretty basket and fill it with all sorts of small gifts. Ranging from eatables, letters, photographs, flowers, and more small presents wrapped separately. For fun, add glitter, colored paper cuttings, confetti balls, and some fragrance to the basket. Now wrap it whole and give it to him. And just sit back and watch him opening the basket and exploring each element with maybe tears in his eyes, well, you never know.

gift ideas for a boyfriend - gift basket


11. Personalized Accessories

This one is having a boom in the gift world currently. With personalized accessories having your names or pictures on pens, bottles, cushions, coffee mugs, etc. Get something for him with his name or picture and then maybe get a cushion with your cutest couple photo on it for the living room too.

A personalized phone case with an original design that you made yourself makes a simple yet meaningful gift as well.

Personalized Accessories gift idea for him

Personalized Accessories gift ideas

12. Daily Use Accessories

For this one, just keep a tab on what daily use thing your partner is eyeing on to buy and surprise him by gifting it to him (before he buys it obviously). This will be a gift that won’t just sit in a corner as a pretty showpiece, but will actually be useful for your partner.

Every time he will use it, he will be reminded of you and the fact that how well you know him and his needs. And maybe you will get bonus hugs whenever he uses it (*wink*). This could be a trimmer, a watch, a tie, a belt, his supplements, earphones, weights for his dumbbells, a book, a shaving kit, a formal shirt or a casual tee, etc.

gift ideas for a boyfriend

gift ideas for men

gift ideas for men
gift ideas for men

So these were our picks for the perfect gift for a boyfriend. Choose the perfect gift for him from the list and make your man feel like a kid again.

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