Events35 Father's Day Quotes Dedicated to Every Father in this World

35 Father’s Day Quotes Dedicated to Every Father in this World

Father’s Day is very important in our life. Father’s Day is a day that is dedicated to every father of this world for his hard work. We celebrate this day is to give respect to our father. In today’s post, we are sharing with you the best father’s day quotes which you can share with your Father on Facebook, Whatsapp, or just write on the greeting card.


Although no day is enough to show us our love for our father, still father’s day is celebrated all over the world. Therefore, like every year, this year too, we will celebrate this day for our father, by doing something special for him.

Father’s Day initially was celebrated in 1908, July 5, in West Virginia by Robert Webb at chapel names Central Methodist in Fairmont. In the first year in 1909, while tuning in to the Mother’s day message, Mrs. Sonora Smart Dodd, chose to celebrate Father’s Day.

Father’s day is celebrated on the third Sunday of the month of June every year. Father is very important in our life. The father works hard every day and night for his family to get them all the comforts of the world.

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Father’s Day is the perfect time of year to celebrate the loving and caring men in your life.

We collected the best 35 Father’s Day Quotes around to give you some inspiration to honor your father, this Sunday, on June 20.

Father's Day wishes

Father’s Day Quotes

  • “My father gave me my dreams. Thanks to him, I could see the future.” – Liza Minnelli
  • “Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, story-tellers, and singers of song.” – Unknown
  • “To a father growing old, nothing is dearer than a daughter.” Euripides
  • “One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters.” – George Herbert
  • “The power of a dad in a child’s life is unmatched.” – Justin Ricklefs
happy fathers day images quotes
happy fathers day images quotes
  • “Fathers just have a way of putting everything together.” – Erika Cosby
  • “Behind every great daughter is a truly amazing father.” – Unknown
  • “No music is so pleasant to my ears as that word father.” – Lydia Maria Child
  • “It’s only when you grow up and step back from him – or leave him for your own home – it’s only then that you can measure his greatness and fully appreciate it.” Margaret Truman
  • “A good father is one whose only reason for putting down a laughing baby is to pick up a crying one.” – Linda Poindexter

Fathers Day quotes

  • “Every son quotes his father, in words and in deeds.” – Terri Guillemets
  • “You can tell what was the best year of your father’s life because they seem to freeze that clothing style and ride it out.” – Jerry Seinfeld
  • “A father is a man who expects his son to be as good a man as he meant to be.” Frank A. Clark
  • “My father didn’t tell me how to live. He lived, and let me watch him do it.” – Clarence Budington Kelland
  • “To a father growing old nothing is dearer than a daughter.” – Euripides


  • “Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad, and that’s why I call you dad because you are so special to me. You taught me the game and you taught me how to play it right.” – Wade Boggs
  • “Old as she was, she still missed her daddy sometimes.” Gloria Naylor
  • “A father is a banker provided by nature.” – French proverb
  • “A father’s words are like a thermostat that sets the temperature in the house.” – Paul Lewis
  • “My father didn’t tell me how to live. He lived and let me watch him do it.” – Clarence Budington Kelland

happy Fathers Day quotes

  • “When you’re young, you think your dad is Superman. Then you grow up, and you realize he’s just a regular guy who wears a cape.” – Dave Attell
  • “It is a wise father that knows his own child.” – William Shakespeare
  • “I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection.” – Sigmund Freud
  • “My father didn’t tell me how to live. He lived and let me watch him do it.” -Clarence Budington Kelland
  • “A father’s smile has been known to light up a child’s entire day.” – Susan Gale

happy Fathers Day quotes

  • “A father is someone you look up to no matter how tall you grow.” – Unknown
  • “A father carries pictures where his money used to be.” Steve Martin
  • “The heart of a father is the masterpiece of nature.”
  • “Being a daddy’s girl is like having permanent armor for the rest of your life.” Marinela Reka
  • “The only thing better than having you for a husband is our children having you for a dad.” Unknown
  • “I believe that what we become depends on what our fathers teach us at odd moments when they aren’t trying to teach us. We are formed by the little scraps of wisdom.” Umberto Eco
  • “A father doesn’t tell you that he loves you. He shows you.” – Dimitri the Stoneheart
  • “No music is so pleasant to my ears as that word―father.” – Lydia Maria Child
  • “The greatest mark of a father is how he treats his children when no one is looking.” – Dan Pearce
  • “A girl’s first true love is her father.” – Marisol Santiago

To make your father feel special, we’ve compiled 35 sweet Father’s Day quotes to celebrate all the joys of fatherhood. Share these quotes with your father and also tell us in the comment section below which is your favorite quote.

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