QuotationDeep Depression Quotes & Sayings to make you feel better

Deep Depression Quotes & Sayings to make you feel better

In this age of fast pacing life and diminishing peace of mind, depression is soaring. And it is important for us to prioritize mental health. So to help anyone in a low state of mind, we are doing what we do best, here are Depression Quotes and Sayings, which will help you and your loved ones, get through the process of healing and peace a bit easily.

Depression is a serious topic. We are trying our best to be sensible towards the sentiments of everyone reading our thoughts. No one in current times is totally immune from stress, anxiety, and depression. We all are facing our life, trying our best to stay positive and keep going. But in the process, it is sometimes important to seek help from our loved ones and professionals if the going gets unbearably tough. Because no one should fight this alone, we are all together in this.

So to play our part in helping you out of depressive thought, we have brought this collection of Depression Quotes and Sayings which can make you feel calm and heard, so read on and try your best at slaying:

Depression Quotes

  • There are some things about myself I can’t explain to anyone. There are some things I don’t understand at all. -Haruki Murakami
  • It isn’t that they can’t see the solution. It is that they can’t see the problem. -G.K. Chesterton
  • The shadows are as important as the light. -Charlotte Brontë
  • Whereas pain is a physical experience, suffering is a mental one. It is the sense that things should be other than they are. Its antidote is acceptance. -Wu Hsin

  • Sometimes, when I say “I am ok”, I want someone to hold me tight, look me in the eyes, and say “No, I know you are not.”” –Paulo Coelho
  • There is no normal life that is free of pain. It’s the very wrestling with our problems that can be the impetus for our growth. -Fred Rogers
  • All obstacles that are perceived with love can transform into the greatest life lessons. -Gabby Bernstein
  • The wound is the place where the Light enters you. -Rumi

  • “We cannot simply sit and stare at our wounds forever. We must stand up and move on to the next action.” -Haruki Murakami 
  • “Being deluded and scared will make you suffocate. Being honest with yourself and responsible will make you breathe.” -Maxime Lagacé
  • “There will always be suffering. But we must not suffer over the suffering.” -Alan Watts
  • “It is in dialogue with pain that many beautiful things acquire their value.” -Alain de Botton

  • “Depression is, in part, grief for your own life not turning out how it should; grief for your own needs not being met.” -Johann Hari
  • “Depression isn’t a disease; depression is a normal response to abnormal life experiences.” -Johann Hari 
  • “Don’t cling to the yesterday. It was beautiful, but it was beautiful yesterday.” –Osho
  • “Depression is being colorblind and constantly told how colorful the world is.” -Atticus

  • “When you do not get to the root of the problem, you cannot solve it in any meaningful manner.” -Robert Greene
  • “Depression is a kind of constricted consciousness.” -Bill Richards
  • “The opposite of play is not work – the opposite of play is depression.” -Stuart Brown
  • “Depression is a medical condition. We need to create a world where people are as comfortable seeking care for their minds as they are for their bodies.” -Adam Grant

Most Famous Depression Quotes

  • “You can’t stop the future. You can’t rewind the past.” -Hannah (13 Reasons Why)
  • “I don’t feel very much like Pooh today.” -Winnie the Pooh
  • “One of the best things that helps depression is work, and socializing with other people and connecting. Because when you work you find purpose.” -Trevor Noah
  • “I’ll never forget how the depression and loneliness felt good and bad at the same time. Still does.” -Henry Rollins

  • “I need one of those long hugs where you kinda forget whatever else is happening around you for a minute.” -Marilyn Monroe
  • “Suffering is an indication of ignorance, but in seeking an escape from suffering you are only nourishing ignorance.” -Jiddu Krishnamurti
  • “Therapy gives you another perspective when you are so lost in your own spiral, it helps.” -Jon Hamm (Mad Men)
  • “I’ve suffered through depression and anxiety my entire life. I just want these kids to know that this modern thing, where everyone is feeling shallow and less connected…that’s not human.” -Lady Gaga

Best Depression Quotes

  • “You have to take responsibility for your own happiness.” -Reese Witherspoon
  • “Life begins on the other side of despair.” -Jean-Paul Sartre
  • “Every day of our lives, we are on the verge of making those slight changes that would make all the difference.” -Mignon McLaughlin
  • “Real change will come about not as a result of prayer, but of using intelligence and taking action.” –14th Dalai Lama

  • “Being depressed, all I needed was someone who could listen to me, belief in me, encourage me, but most of all, understand me.” -Maxime Lagacé
  • “With depression, one of the most important things you could realize is that you’re not alone.” -Dwayne Johnson
  • “Man is sometimes extraordinarily, passionately, in love with suffering.” -Fyodor Dostoevsky
  • “Depressed means you need deep rest from the character you’ve been playing in the world.” -Jim Carrey

  • I think the saddest people always try their hardest to make people happy because they know what it’s like to feel absolutely worthless and they don’t want anyone else to feel like that. -Robin Williams
  • Step out of the history that is holding you back. Step into the new story you are willing to create. -Oprah Winfrey
  • Do not get lost in a sea of despair. Do not become bitter or hostile. Be hopeful, be optimistic.” -John Lewis
  • Make peace with your past so it won’t destroy your present.” -Paulo Coelho

  • “The scientific evidence is clear that exercise significantly reduces depression and anxiety.” -Johann Hari
  • Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” -Winnie the Pooh

Short Depression Quotes

  • “Nobody else can destroy you except you; nobody else can save you except you.” -Osho
  • “Nothing has a hold on your mind that you cannot break free of.” -Iyanla Vanzant
  • “Don’t attack your problems. Face them, confess them, understand what they are. That is the process.” -Iyanla Vanzant
  • “Only stepping out of old ruts will bring new insights.” -Andy Grove
  • “Real change requires a desire to change.” -Gabby Bernstein
  • “It won’t always be like this.” -Halley Cornell 

  • “The greatest griefs are those we cause ourselves.” -Sophocles
  • “Numb the dark and you numb the light.” -Brené Brown
  • “I need a break from my own thoughts.” -Paulo Coelho
  • “Love your future more than your past.” -Joe Dispenza
  • “There’s always a solution.” -Noah Kagan

  • “When you don’t know what you need, you want everything.” -Thibaut
  • “The act of releasing your shame is – in itself – healing.” -Johann Hari
  • “All of our miseries are nothing but attachment.” -Osho
  • “I’m too tired for long explanations.” -Haruki Murakami
  • “Winter always comes to an end, always.” -Maxime Lagacé
  • “The soul is healed by being with children.” -Fyodor Dostoevsky

  • “Today’s hot pain is tomorrow’s cold wisdom.” -The Stoic Emperor
  • “Nothing changes if nothing changes.” -Mel Robbins
  • “Reframing is a superpower.” -Rorty Witt
  • “To heal a wound you must stop scratching it.” -Paulo Coelho
  • “Do not stumble on something behind you.” -Seneca
  • “Frustrations come because we impose our illusions on reality.” -Osho

It is important to grab every piece of sunshine that we get our way. And it is important to stand by everyone going through anything. No one should feel alone, unheard, and left out. Let’s keep reading and staying strong.

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