Blog​​​​​​​Top 6 Comedy Movies You Need to Watch 

​​​​​​​Top 6 Comedy Movies You Need to Watch 

Today, the world is intense and increasingly fast-paced. There are constant pressures related to employment, education, and the world in general. In this context, it’s important to surround yourself with outlets that let you release some of the tension. In this context, comedy movies provide an easy and cheap form of escapism.  

You just need to have a smart device and a stable internet connection. Even if you haven’t paid your internet or TV bill, you can pay it instantly through services like Spectrum Billing. This way, you can continue watching any content online without any disruption or irregularities. With comedy movies, you get instant comedic relief. Plus, they’re easy to watch and understand. Therefore, they’re perfect for unwinding after a long, hard day.

Here are some of the best comedy movies to watch.  

​​​​​​​Top 6 Comedy Movies You Need to Watch

1) Miss Congeniality

Comedy Movies

This movie, starring Sandra Bullock, has been a cult favorite ever since it came out in the early 2000s’. Miss Congeniality is both comedic and meaningful. It follows the life of a detective who enters a beauty pageant as an undercover cop. Here, she learns about sisterhood, friendships, and the importance of close bonds. Apart from this, she realizes that it’s unfair to stereotype women according to their choices and their appearances.  

Beauty pageant contestants, she discovers, are no less smart than college graduates or even professors. Miss Congeniality is a movie that was very ahead of its time. However, while being multi-dimensional it’s also extremely comedic. If you want a movie that has both substance and comedy, this should be your pick.  

2) School of Rock 

Comedy Movies You Need to Watch

Directed by Richard Linklater, School of Rock is a layered comedy movie about a music enthusiast who decides to teach middle school students. He’s shocked to find that they know nothing about music legends like Bowie and Axl Rose. Thus, he takes it upon himself who teaches them music, both in theory and in practice. School of Rock is about using unconventional ways to open up children’s minds. Plus, the movie’s main character is played by Jack Black. So, it’s no surprise that the humor effortlessly amplifies. This movie stresses the importance of not always adhering to society’s standards and norms. As a result, School of Rock offers deep insight into life while also providing comedic relief.  

3) Crazy Rich Asians 

School of Rock 

There was a time when it was extremely rare for Asians to be cast in major roles in Hollywood. If they played lead roles, they would typically involve Kung-Fu fighting or other types of martial arts. However, as society progresses, Asians are beginning to get more representation in the industry. While there’s still a long way to go, Crazy Rich Asians prove that there’s hope. This movie has a cast that’s largely Asian. It follows the life of a woman who finds out her boyfriend’s family is extremely wealthy. Crazy Rich Asians are about social class, race, and drama. But it’s also a great light-hearted comedy that’s easy to watch.  

4) Scary Movie 

Comedy Movies You Need to Watch

Scary Movie will leave you in fits. This movie is significantly different from other comedy movies. This is because it plays out like a parody of popular scary movies. It takes famous scenes from the most influential scary movies like The Exorcist and Scream and makes them funny. The movies you previously associated with horror will turn into comedies with Scary Movie. The movie’s humor is amplified by the actors’ exaggerated expressions. Scary movie also plays out famous horror movie tropes and make them enjoyable.  

5) Legally Blonde 

Comedy Movies You Need to Watch

This movie gained a lot of popularity when it first came out in the early 2000s’. However, it has gained relevance again because of the lessons it teaches. While Legally Blonde is largely a comedic, light-hearted movie, it also serves as an important commentary on the patriarchal system. With Reese Witherspoon as the main character, this movie follows the life of a girl who’s seen as stereotypically dumb because she dresses and acts in a certain way. However, she breaks barriers and forces, everybody, to change their perception of her when she gains admission into Harvard Law School. Legally Blonde provides viewers with immediate comedic relief while also serving as a lighthearted, feel-good comedy.  

6) Shaun of The Dead 

Comedy Movies You Need to Watch

Shaun of The Dead is based on a post-apocalyptic zombie world but it adopts a comedic approach to a dark subject matter. It follows the lives of a group of people who hilariously try to escape zombies while attempting to save the world at the same time. If you want both zombies and comedy in one movie, this is for you.  

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