45 Quirky Quotes From The National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

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The Christmas season is filled with plenty of admirable decorations like beautiful Christmas trees, wreaths, wooly socks and so much more along with delicious drinks to warm up your life. And all of it is packed with family and friends. Christmas holidays make happy memories and joyful moments that you can cherish throughout your life. And this year, we will suggest that you watch Christmas Vacation, a classic Christmas movie which you can watch again and again. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Quotes will expand your Christmas happiness and overwhelm your heart.

We do not intend on giving you any spoilers but all we can say is that this movie will make you feel that life is unpredictable but festivities, holidays, celebrations and time spent with family and friends can make everything a bit better. This movie is about Clark Griswold who has planned everything for Christmas and is about to have a blast, according to him. But his life takes a steep fall as the holidays approach. And how he manages to put everything in place with the help of his people is a ride.

The movie would remind you that the holidays have the positivity that can reverse the worst and give anyone some happiness. So read out the best National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Quotes:

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Christmas Vacation Quotes

1. “Clark, Audrey’s frozen from the waist down.” – Ellen Griswold

Ellen Griswold Christmas Vacation Quotes

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2. “Would it be indecent to ask the grandparents to stay at a hotel?” – Audrey Griswold

3. “Welcome to our home—what’s left of it.” – Ellen Griswold

4. “Well, I’m gonna park the cars and get the luggage, and well, I’ll be outside for the season.” – Clark Griswold

5. “A lot of sap in here! Looks great. A little full. A lot of sap.” – Clark Griswold

Christmas Vacation Quotes
Christmas Vacation Quotes (Clark Griswold)

6. “Looks great. Little full, lotta sap.” – Clark Griswold

7. “Eat my rubber!” – Clark Griswold

8. “The little lights are not twinkling.” – Grandpa Art

9. “Fixed the newel post!” – Clark Griswold

christmas vacation quotes

10. “Do you hear it? It’s a funny, squeaky sound!” – Aunt Bethany

11. “This isn’t charity; it’s family.” – Clark Griswold

12. “Sh*tter’s full.” – Cousin Eddie

13. “Hey kids, look! A deer!” – Clark Griswold

14. “Can’t see the line, can ya, Russ?” – Clark Griswold

christmas vacation quotes

15. “I’m sorry, this is our family’s first kidnapping.” – Ellen Griswold

16. “I was just looking at something for my wife, God rest her soul.” – Clark Griswold

17. “It’s not going in our yard, Russ. It’s going in our living room.” – Clark Griswold

18. “You ain’t never seen a set on a dog like this one’s got, Clark.” – Cousin Eddie

Cousin Eddie Christmas Vacation Quotes

19. “Oh, he’s just yakkin’ on a bone.” – Cousin Eddie

20. “Is your house on fire, Clark?” – Aunt Bethany

21. “Clark, we’re stuck under a truck!” – Ellen Griswold

22. “Eat my road grit, Liver Lips!” – Clark Griswold

Christmas Vacation Quotes

23. “Surprised, Eddie?… If I woke up tomorrow with my head sewn to the carpet, I wouldn’t be more surprised.” – Clark Griswold

24. “I don’t know what to say, but it’s Christmas, and we’re all in misery.” – Ellen Griswold

25. “Yes, it’s a bit nipply out, I mean nippy out.” – Clark Griswold

26. “You couldn’t hear a dump truck driving through a nitroglycerin plant.” – Uncle Lewis

Christmas Vacation Quotes Uncle Lewis

27. “You about ready to do some kissin’?” – Cousin Eddie

28. “If you need any help, just give me a holler, I’ll be upstairs—asleep.” – Grandpa Clark

29. “Worse?! How could things get any worse? Take a look around you, Ellen! We’re at the threshold of hell!!” – Clark Griswold

30. “Can I refill your eggnog for you? Get you something to eat? Drive you out to the middle of nowhere and leave you for dead?” – Clark Griswold

Christmas Vacation Quotes

31. “Oh, the silent majesty of a winter’s morn; the clean, cool chill of the holiday air; and an assh*le in his bathrobe, emptying a chemical toilet into my sewer.” – Clark Griswold

32. “And why is the carpet all wet, Todddddd?” – Margo Chester

33. “Mom? This box is meowing.” – Rusty Griswold

34. “What is it? A letter confirming your reservation at the nuthouse?” – Grandpa Art

Christmas Vacation Quotes

35. “Hallelujah! Holy sh*t! Where’s the Tylenol?” – Clark Griswold

36. “If that thing had nine lives, she just spent ’em all.” – Cousin Eddie

37. “We’re gonna have the hap-hap-happiest Christmas.” – Clark Griswold

38. “Save the neck for me, Clark.” – Cousin Eddie

Christmas Vacation Quotes by Cousin Eddie

39. “Wouldn’t be the holiday shopping season if the stores weren’t hooter than they are—hotter than they are.” – Clark Griswold

40. “Dad, you taught me everything I know about exterior illumination.” – Clark Griswold

41. “We’re not driving all the way out here so you can get one of those stupid ties with Santa Clauses on it, are we, Dad?” – Audrey Griswold

42. “Hurry up, Clark. I’m freezing my baguettes off.” – Art Smith

Christmas Vacation Quotes Art Smith

43. “Hey Griswold, where do you think you’re gonna put a tree that big?” – Todd Chester

44. “Bend over and I’ll show you.” – Clark Griswold

45.“Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, kiss my ass. Kiss his ass. Happy Hanukkah.” – Clark Griswold

Celebrate this Christmas with your people filled with joy, happy moments while welcoming the new year eve, and playing with the snow. Watch the classic movie ‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’ with your family and enjoy.

Merry Christmas Readers!

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