12 Cheapest New Year Gift Ideas for Kids and Family – Buy Gifts Under 10$

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2021 probably must the most awaited New Year in human history, as this New Year is going to put an end to this not-so-fortunate 2020. But with a slowing economy, and stagnated employment, it could be a task to buy New Year gifts for your loved ones. In this article, we have collected some cheapest new year gift ideas for your family and friends.

We are in the last week of this year now, and with New Year around the corner, and with all the invitations or get-togethers planned, you must be panicking about the gifts for New Year for your near and dear ones. Because what else is the best way to say Happy New Year than a thoughtful and useful New Year gift.

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So we have got your back and have come up with the handiest and cheapest New Year gift ideas that you can buy for under 10 $ (USD). So stay tuned and read on:

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Cool New Year Gift Ideas for Kids

1. Jigsaw Puzzles

Puzzles are the best way to exercise and develop a kid’s brain. So gifting a puzzle will be the best way to make the kids indulge in games along with learning new skills. Puzzles basically help in improving memory and developing problem-solving skills.

Jigsaw Puzzles

2. Scratch Paper Art Kit

Scratch papers are new drawing and coloring books. This unique and new way of scratching and creating art will mesmerize your kids and keep them entertained and busy for hours. Plus art supplies will awaken their inner Picasso. And if your kid has the talent of drawing, then this is the best way to know and to help him learn further.

3. Digital Wristwatch

For the little grown-up kids, who now know numbers and the concept of time, this is the perfect gift. With their favorite cartoon character on the dial and attractive bright colors, this wristwatch will add so much fun to his play years. And now they can’t make excuses on why they didn’t return from the playground on time. And these digital watches are available in various colors with different cartoon characters.

4. Money Maze Puzzle Box

These childhood days are the best days to teach valuable life lessons to kids. And teaching kids with fun is the best ever way to teach. So teach your kids to save money with this amazing money holder maze puzzle box. The money-saving habit secures his future, and the maze puzzle develops him both mentally and physically.

Money Box Puzzle

Useful New Year Gift Ideas for Her (Mother, Sister, Wife, Girlfriend)

1. Tote Bags

Tote bags are not only convenient and eco-friendly but are also really in trend. With a range of colors and designs to choose from, this is a perfect gift for any female who loves to carry her things (grocery, footwear, clothes) around easily. These bags are reusable, foldable, washable, waterproof, and durable. And thus are really environment-friendly.

Tote Bags

2. Hair Scrunchies

If you are a female, or if you have a female around you, it’s no secret that any number of hair scrunchies are never ever enough, mostly because they get lost all the time. So this is a really practical and caring gift and she will literally use these every day. Plus these are available in cute designs and many colors. And these come in a collection of various colored ones, so even if the pink one is lost, she still has the others left to use.

Hair Scrunchies

3. Spa Headband

A classic cute spa headband is literally an essential in every woman’s life. With long hair and lots of skincare to do, a woman might typically need a headband more than once every day. And she will be reminded of you every time she uses this one. And maybe, you can give her a face massage this time.

Spa Headband

4. Face Sheet Mask

The ultimate convenience and sheer happiness that a spa treatment especially a rejuvenating sheet face mask provides is uncompared and unparalleled. After a long day of work and a tiresome amount of hard work, nothing is better than this gift for the ladies of your life. This gives her skin glow and her mind relaxation. So it’s a win-win.

Face Sheet Mask

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Happy New Year Gift Ideas for Him (Father, Brother, Husband, Boyfriend)

1. Work Gloves

Whether he is doing plumbing or some carpeting or fixing or creating anything in or around the house, this is a great way to make sure his hands are safe and protected. Show your love to the men in your life by gifting these work gloves to him. These are durable and available in more colors.

Work Gloves

2. Snowflake Multipurpose Keychain

This really amazingly designed multipurpose stainless steel gift is a many-in-one handy keychain. Available in many colors, it works as a keychain, bottle-opener, screw-driver, and wrench. This will be his little portable tool-kit. Because you never know when and where, he might need his tools, to either loosen a screw or to open a beer bottle.

3. Grooming Kit

This makes the perfect gift for your men, because why not and why should women get all the grooming. Plus this kit comes in a brown leather case. The kit includes products for hand care, facial care, and foot care. Ranging from clippers to cutters to scissors, this is the best way to keep your men well-groomed.

Grooming Kit

4. Drive Safe Keychain

This keychain with the loving message reminding the man of your life to drive safely is the best way to express your love. Plus there are lots of messages to choose from. Some are neutral and you can gift them to others than your partner too.

Drive safe Keychain

These were our picks for the most conveniently available and cheapest New Year gift ideas under 10$. So choose from the list, most of these can be bought in bulk to gift to a number of people. And each one of these comes with a purpose and is not just a showpiece that would sit in a corner. Save your time and money this New Year. And have a happy year ahead.

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