90 Happy Birthday Wishes For Kids (Boys and Girls)

birthday wishes for kids

Kids are like the life of a family. They are the cutest and the purest people in the world. Their one tear can tear your heart apart and their one smile can light up the whole world. And the one thing that can give them pure joy is celebrating their birthday nicely and with love … Read more

60 Happy Birthday Wishes for Mom – Happy Birthday Mom

birthday wishes for mom

A mother is a person that intentionally or non-intentionally devotes her whole life for her children. Whether she is a house-wife, or a working woman, she has all the time in the world to take care of her baby. So let us take some of our time out for her special day. Start her birthday … Read more

70 Best Birthday Wishes for Niece from the Coolest Aunt or Uncle

Birthday Wishes for Niece

Our siblings and cousins are the people in this world, who can do several things single-handedly- annoy you to death, be the best companion, be the worst tatter-tale, be the most amazing partner in crime, bore you with their lame jokes, and make you laugh like a mad person with their silly activities. The next … Read more

105 Short & Simple Birthday Wishes for the Minimalist in You

Simple Birthday Wishes

If you are here today, then we are assuming two things about you. First, you like to keep it simple, and second, there is a birthday coming up in your life of someone special or close to you. That is why you are roaming and surfing around to find the best simple but sweet birthday … Read more

Happy Birthday Wishes for Your Best Friend

Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

Happy Birthday Wishes for Best Friend: Birthday is a very special day of everyone’s life because it is the day of their existence. So everyone wants to celebrate their special day with their loved ones. So on your best friend’s birthday, you can express your love and care towards them with these best birthday wishes.  … Read more

70 Happy Birthday Wishes for Your Cousin – Happy Birthday, Cousin!

Birthday Wishes for Cousin

We all have cousins in our life, a cousin is a member of your family that, although he or she is not a sibling, can still be close in relation. If you have spent some of your time growing up with them, the relationship becomes much stronger. We have collected amazing birthday wishes for your … Read more