60 Best Tai Lopez Quotes About Success and Life

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“You can get most things you want in life. It’s just that most goals will take one or two years longer than expected. Be patient.” – Tai Lopez

People know Tai Lopez as a social media influencer who teaches about health, wealth, and success. Let’s look into the famous quotes by Tai Lopez to have an entrepreneur attitude towards our goals. Presenting you famous Tai Lopez Quotes and Sayings:

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Tai Lopez is an American entrepreneur. He was born in a middle-class family. His father was in jail because of drug charges. His mother used to run the house through her job. At the age of 15, all the responsibility came to his shoulder. Tai was determined to change his and his family’s life. He asked his grandfather about the secret to success, to which he recommended his favourite 11 books to understand success and life.

Tai Lopez struggled a lot to find his passion. He also visited India in search of his destination. After returning back, he got hired as a salesman in a newspaper company. For the first six months, he did not facilitate any sales but after that he grew up.

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Now, he has built a large audience as a social media marketer. He has 6 Million followers on Facebook and 2.4 Million followers on Instagram. His courses are purchased by thousands of people and cost in lakhs. He is an investor in more than 20 companies.

He believes in trying and experimenting until you win. So, here’s the one for an entrepreneur and a motivational speaker who has developed an amazing personal brand. Enjoy Tai Lopez Quotes and Sayings:

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Tai Lopez Quotes

“One thing I’ve noticed with the successful. They don’t spend a lot of time on the past.” – Tai Lopez

“As the saying goes, ‘faith without works is dead.’ You gotta combine your faith with your actions.” – Tai Lopez

“The current education system forgot, you have to inspire kids. You can’t just lecture them.” – Tai Lopez

“If you’re unhappy in the modern world you have an “unfortunate misappraisal” of reality. Standards of living are higher than ever.” – Tai Lopez

“Divide up your life. Spend 33% of your time around people lower than you, you can mentor them. Spend 33% of your time with people that are on your level – your friends and peers. Spend 33% of your time with people that are 10-20 years ahead of you. Those are your mentors.” – Tai Lopez

“In the modern world, it’s easy to be distracted instead of being grateful.” – Tai Lopez

“It’s harder to not be idiotic than most of us think.” – Tai Lopez

“As you rise, the number of critics will also rise. Humans seek out negativity. It’s a cognitive bias of their brains. Stay focused and proceed.” – Tai Lopez

“Be careful about discouraging people’s dreams. They might just pull them off.” – Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez Quotes
Tai Lopez Quotes

“True wealth is being able to drop whatever it is your doing and go do something else or travel somewhere else without any worry.”

“If it won’t matter in one week, one month or one year, then don’t worry about it.” – Tai Lopez

“A book a day makes the bills go away.” – Tai Lopez

“If I could have one superpower, without a doubt, it would be the ability to stay cool under intense pressure. What could be more important?” – Tai Lopez

“If you’re having a hard time sticking to a schedule/procrastinating there’s a simple solution. Reduce the time. Do less but be consistent.” – Tai Lopez

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Inspirational Tai Lopez Quotes

“So many cool opportunities in the world… so few people prepared to take them and reap the rewards. Prepare yourself.” – Tai Lopez

“You can get most things you want in life. It’s just that most goals will take one or two years longer than expected. Be patient.” – Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez Quotes
Tai Lopez Quotes

“The tough truth about life is that some things just take time. Most people aren’t strong enough to deal with that fact.” – Tai Lopez

“To get what you want, you have to deserve what you want.” – Tai Lopez

“There will be a day soon when you have to make your big move. When that day comes, be bold.” – Tai Lopez

“The space between failure and success seems large. It’s not. The difference between a good carpenter and a bad one is about a quarter of an inch.” – Tai Lopez

“Everything wrong in your life is just a sign. A signal to change. Be humble enough to bow your knee and listen and act.” – Tai Lopez

“Your life should be dominated by only one main fear: Not fully optimizing today. That’s the healthiest fear in the world.” – Tai Lopez

“Remember that your brain isn’t built for happiness. It’s built for survival. Happiness is something you have to create after-the-fact.” – Tai Lopez

“Everybody wants the good life, but not everybody gets the good life.” – Tai Lopez

“Plan. Do. Double Check. Act.”– Tai Lopez

“Number one rule for becoming a millionaire; you gotta hang out with people who would be embarrassed for only making $1 million.” – Tai Lopez

“Number two rule for becoming a millionaire; whoever experiments the most usually wins. So, you have to run through at least 100 to make money.”– Tai Lopez

“Increase your attention span. Your ability to concentrate predicts your long-term success at almost anything.” – Tai Lopez

“My favorite way to make money is while I sleep.”– Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez Quotes
Motivational Tai Lopez Quotes

“It’s basically impossible to teach someone if they aren’t curious about the subject. This is where modern schooling goes wrong.” – Tai Lopez

“Pain has a purpose. It revives you from delusion. It alerts you to danger. It pushes you back on the right path when you have gotten lost. Embrace it and adapt based upon the ashes.” – Tai Lopez

“If you want to motivate people, you have to be motivated. It’s contagious.” – Tai Lopez

“Work hard in silence and let your success be your noise.” – Tai Lopez

“It’s hard to predict what will be successful. The best approach is to experiment with products until you find what sticks.” – Tai Lopez

“Be humble. Persevere. Read more. Toughen up.” – Tai Lopez

“Rules of negotiation: let others air their opinions first to understand their values so you can see what to negotiate on.”– Tai Lopez

“If we all knew how much we’ve missed out on being unhealthy, dysfunctional and broke, we’d be working a lot harder towards our goals” – Tai Lopez

“If you can stay cool in the middle of tough times, you will rise above the masses and shine when everyone else is panicking…” – Tai Lopez

“Obsessed is a word used often by the lazy, in order to describe the dedicated.” – Tai Lopez

“People think I’m joking when I say ‘Whoever experiments most wins’…but I’m not.” – Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez Quotes
Tai Lopez Quotes About Life

“Double down on what’s working and cut the rest” – Tai Lopez

“Make money yes. But be sure in doing so you don’t neglect your body. Nothing matters if your body falls apart.” – Tai Lopez

“49% of people suffer from “paralysis by over-analysis.” The other 49% act without thinking. Be part of the small group who both think and act.” – Tai Lopez

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Tai Lopez Quotes About Life

“Health. Wealth. Love. Happiness.” – Tai Lopez

“Double down on whats working and cut the rest” – Tai Lopez

“Hard work makes people look up to you. Be a part of someone’s 33% they aspire to be.” – Tai Lopez

“You have to be “impatiently patient.” Impatient to get started but patiently persevere to finish what you started.” – Tai Lopez

“Never sacrifice physical health in the pursuit of money. That’s a given. Figure out a strategy to raise both simultaneously. It’s tricky.” – Tai Lopez

“If all you do is look forward to the weekend, holidays, and time away from your job, you have a serious problem.” – Tai Lopez

“So many people are in the gym working on their 6 pack but they forget the 6 pack for their brain.” – Tai Lopez

“The day you figure out your career destiny is the day your true financial freedom begins.” – Tai Lopez

“Never wait until it’s too late. Don’t let tragedy be your only trigger for revaluation and action.” – Tai Lopez

inspirational quotes by tai lopez
Inspirational quotes by Tai Lopez

“To create real wealth, make someone else wealthy first. This is the law of the mentor/apprentice.” – Tai Lopez

“Never chase what you want. Elevate your game until what you want chases you.” – Tai Lopez

“Everybody wants more out of life. Question is, what do you want?” – Tai Lopez

“Before you go out and occupy Wall Street, occupy your own brain!” – Tai Lopez

“Your brain finds happiness in mastering skills. It’s been that way since you were little. So don’t stop mastering life as you get older.” – Tai Lopez

“Whenever I feel like whining, I remind myself “Wake up Tai, this world doesn’t owe you anything.”” – Tai Lopez

“You can run from your problems but not from the flaws in your thinking. Always start by fixing your brain. Train it to remove logical fallacies.” – Tai Lopez

“Make a list of the people you admire and what makes them amazing. Then go out and become those things yourself.” – Tai Lopez

“Leaders are readers.” – Tai Lopez

“It’s one thing to know thyself. It’s a more difficult thing to follow that knowledge.”– Tai Lopez

“Don’t let procrastination kill your hopes and dreams.” – Tai Lopez

Final Words

Tai Lopez is a person who has grown up from scratch. He took his poor family as motivation and not an excuse. We hope you have enjoyed these famous Tai Lopez Quotes and Sayings and get inspired to work hard for your goals.

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