Famous People Quotes41 Grant Cardone Quotes That Will 10x Your Income, Business and Life

41 Grant Cardone Quotes That Will 10x Your Income, Business and Life

Grant Cardone is famous as a professional sales trainer, best selling author, real estate equity fund manager, he has successfully built a real estate empire from scratch which is now valued in excess of $750 million. We are here with the collection of Grant Cardone quotes on achieving success. Hope You will enjoy it.

Grant Cardone was born on March 21, 1958, in Lake Charles, USA. He is the New York Times best-selling author.

He wrote seven books  Sell To Survive, The Closer’s Survival GuideIf You’re Not First, You’re LastThe 10X RuleSell or Be SoldThe Millionaire Booklet and Be Obsessed or Be Average.

His best books are “The 10X Rule!” and “If You’re Not First, You’re Last.”

He also has said some incredible things in the past which is why we’ve compiled these Grant Cardone Quotes together.

Grant Cardone Quotes

  • “If the people around you are giving you the advice to slow down or to take it easy – you are surrounded by the wrong people.” – Grant Cardone
  • “Staying poor is selfish.” – Grant Cardone
  • “Go the extra mile. There’s no one on it!” – Grant Cardone
  • Perfection is the killer to production. Perfection is basically a symptom of procrastination.” – Grant Cardone
  • “Spectators pay – players get paid.” – Grant Cardone
  • “I’m not ‘living the dream’, I’m busting my ass to make freedom a possibility.” – Grant Cardone
  • “Independence is something you have to work hard to get and harder to keep.” – Grant Cardone
  • “Small thinking has and always will be punished in one way or another.” – Grant Cardone
  • “Be great because nothing else pays.” – Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone Quotes

  • “The average call me obsessed, the successful call me for advice.” -Grant Cardone
  • “The ambitious are criticized by those that have given up.” -Grant Cardone
  • “The single biggest financial mistake I’ve made was not thinking big enough. I encourage you to go for more than a million. There is no shortage of money on this planet, only a shortage of people thinking big enough.” – Grant Cardone
  • “You sleep to rest the body. You wake up to make your dreams a reality.” – Grant Cardone
  • “Nothing about an excuse can help your situation.” – Grant Cardone
  • “The goal is not comfort, it is freedom!” – Grant Cardone
  • “You won’t get much done if you only grind on the days you feel good.” – Grant Cardone
  • “You be patient… I’m in a hurry.” – Grant Cardone
  • “Success is your duty, obligation, and responsibility.” – Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone Quotes

  • “Be great because nothing else pays.” – Grant Cardone
  • “Leaving your comfort zone is hard. Staying broke is hard. Pick your hard.” – Grant Cardone
  • “If you know what day it is, you’re not busy enough.” – Grant Cardone
  • “Quit blaming your past for your current condition.” – Grant Cardone
  • “Do the things you don’t wanna do, so that one day you can do the things that you wanna do. Pay the price! Sacrifice something!” – Grant Cardone
  • “Your success will be compromised by your need to be liked by everyone.” – Grant Cardone
  • “If you know what day it is, you’re not busy enough.” – Grant Cardone
  • “Knowledge speaks. Wisdom listens. Action wins.” – Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone Quotes

  • “If you are flying under the radar, you’ll never launch into orbit.” – Grant Cardone
  • “Luck is just one of the by-products of those who take the most action.” – Grant Cardone
  • “Massive success is the best revenge.” – Grant Cardone
  • “If you don’t do something you’ll end up being nothing.” – Grant Cardone
  • “Do what you are scared to do and watch your confidence grow.” – Grant Cardone
  • “Average is a failing formula.” – Grant Cardone
  • “Your excuses might be legit, but they won’t improve your life.” – Grant Cardone
  • “Don’t criticize my swag. Find yours.” – Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone Quotes

  • “Obscurity is a bigger problem than money.” – Grant Cardone
  • “Don’t just make money, make a difference.” – Grant Cardone
  • “Don’t go to work. Go to work to prosper.” – Grant Cardone
  • “Quit sharing bad news and gossip, you aren’t a garbage truck.” Grant Cardone
  • “Freedom is not something you buy, but something you earn.” – Grant Cardone
  • “All your dreams await just on the other side of your fears.” – Grant Cardone
  • “Comfort makes more prisoners than all the jails combined.” – Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone Quotes

Grant Cardone Top 50 Rules for Success

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Grant Cardone quotes are powerful and demand that you push yourself to be the best you that you can be. If you develop Grant’s work ethic within yourself then success is inevitable.

Share your favorite Grant Cardone Quotes in the comment section below.

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