18 Best Unique Gift Ideas for Girlfriend – Gift for Her

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Sometimes they are clingy and annoying but mostly they are cute as a little button, and you could fit them in your pocket after they melt in your arms from the love you give them. Yes, we are talking about your girlfriend or wife. Whom you are deciding to give some precious gift on her special day. In this article, we are telling you about the best unique gift ideas for girlfriend or wife, by which you can impress her and bring joy on her face.

Girlfriend or wife or the lady love of your life is your biggest critic and insane fan, both at once. She scolds you for the silly mistakes you repeat every single day without fail, and then she will almost die at how pretty you look when you step out of the shower wearing a black tee, smelling like lilies. She punches you when you roast her and kisses you in your sleep.

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She is a partner who might cry if you get hurt but she could be your strongest pillar of strength. And in this world full of strangers she is your one constant teddy bear in form of a human being that you could hug a bit tight every time you need her or when she needs you.

Making your life hard and easy at the same time, this girl makes your life better. And what is the best way to thank her for all these things than a present for her. And a little secret, women love when you put in thoughts to buy gifts for them.

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So if you are searching for the perfect gift ideas for her, to thank her, or for a special day, then we are here to help you out. Given below is a list of the most precious gift ideas for girlfriend, so read on and plan the perfect surprise to tell her that you love her loads.

18 Best Gift Ideas for Girlfriend – Gift for Her

1. Plan a Date

The best gift from you to your girl will be your time and with that a little effort to make that time romantic or fun or both (whatever you two love). Anything from a classic candlelit dinner at home/restaurant to visiting an amusement park or order in and Netflix and chill will do wonders. Add little elements here and there like her favorite drink, flowers, long drive, or walk and you are good to go. The idea is to plan something different from the routine (a break for both of you and some quality time together) and enjoy along with the love of your life.

Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

2. Gift card

Forgot to get her something or just confused about what to give her for the special day or do you want her to choose her gift? Then give her a gift card. This is also the perfect gift idea for the last minute preparation.


3. Subscriptions

The newest entry in the gift world must be subscriptions. And not only Netflix, Amazon, or Hotstar, but the market is full of other kinds of monthly or yearly subscriptions of things ranging from bouquets, chocolates, flavored tea, books/novels, and many more. You can gift her a subscription to the thing she enjoys the most among these.

Gift Ideas for Girlfriend-Subscriptions (1)

4. FAUX Leather and Fur Stuff

These two are the most loved elements in the female world of wardrobes. But remember to make sure that the stuff you buy is made from cruelty-free and fake/faux leather or fur and no animal or creature is hurt in the making. For example- leather/fur coats and jackets, boots, handbags. Trust me, anyone who adds quality to her wardrobe gets a little extra love from her.

Gift Ideas for Girlfriend-FAUX Leather (1)

5. Ethnic Wear or Ethnic Accessories

The majority of the females around the globe love to dress up, occasionally even if not regularly. And nothing makes a female look as beautiful as an ethnic wear. So shop for clothes or accessories for her (earrings, necklace, bracelet, anklet, etc), and ask for help from your sister or mom if confused, and then bring something for them too.

Gift-Ideas-for-her-Ethnic Wear or Ethnic Accessories (1)

6. Makeup

Do you want to see your girl’s eyes glitter? Then bring her some glitter. Just do some research on what brands or types of makeup she likes (or even the ones you like on her) and gift it to her.


7. Perfumes

Bring a gift with the fragrance of your love in it, lol. The market is full of body mists and sprays, perfumes, itra, deos, and much more. Choose the perfect one for your girl or gift her one of each.


8. Chocolate and Cakes

ALMOST every girl loves chocolates. And then there are options-regular, dark, or milk chocolate. And even if your partner is one of those rare souls, who do not like any form of chocolates, then also you have options- a cake, cupcakes, donuts, or even brownies. The market is full of amazing looking and amazing tasting assortments of sugar supplies. And a card with a cheesy message alongside will do the extra wonders.

Gift-Ideas-for-her-Chocolate and Cakes (1)

9. Love Letter

As much as girls love to convey their emotions, the same amount they love knowing your emotions too, so just write. Letters are the heritage we got from our ancestors that could never get old when it comes to love. So use this heritage and send her a love letter ASAP. A little help-write what you feel, what do you think of her and your relationship, and so on. Keep a preserved flower in it and scent it too for the fireworks.

Gift-Ideas-for-her-Love-Letter (1)

10. Vintage Drink

If she is someone who enjoys drinks, then this time instead of going for the basic beer or vodka, gift her a vintage bottle of some aged luxurious drink (just like in the movies). And this one you both can enjoy together.

Gift-Ideas-for-her-Vintage Drink

11. Plants

Gift a plant even if she is not a plant person (brownie points-also good for the environment) with the prettiest pot you can find. And this plant is now your love baby. Nurture it together and watch it grow as your love grows. And if you are not confident about keeping a plant alive, then go to the local plant nursery and ask the owner to give you the hardiest plant he knows. Also, get some tips on keeping the baby happy.


12. Bouquets and Soft Toys

This is one of the popular gift ideas for girlfriend. Like you might love some sort of toys or games like plastic action figures or play-stations or soft toys, she might also love some sort of toys, so gift her a flower bouquet, or even better, a chocolate bouquet, along with her favorite toy (action figure or soft toys or video game) and unleash the small kid in her.

Gift-Ideas-for-her-Soft Toys (1)

13. Self-care or Spa Kit

Pamper your girl with self-care products like face-masks, lotions, bubble baths, bath bombs, essential oils, etc. Bring for her a self-care or spa kit easily available online or in spas and supermarkets, and be her masseur/masseuse for the day.


14. Explosion Box

This one is trending right now. It’s a pretty decorated cardboard box with a lid and as soon as the lid opens, the box spreads out in a rainbow of chocolates, notes, letters, photographs, or any other small gifts.


15. Gift Basket

This one is a simpler version of the explosion box that you could make yourself (handmade gifts are so in). Just get a pretty bamboo basket and fill it with small gifts like candies and chocolates, letters, photographs, flowers, and more small presents wrapped separately.

To make it prettier, add glitter, colored paper cuttings, confetti balls, and some fragrance to the basket and wrap it whole. And just sit back and watch her open the basket and exploring each element with awe.


16. Personalized Accessories

These are in trend right now like the explosion box. These are accessories having your names or pictures on bracelets, pens, bottles, cushions, You can easily find these services online, just google.

Gift-Ideas-for-her-Personalized Accessories

17. Daily use Accessories

This could be a hair straightener or curler, a classy wristwatch, a novel (or collection), a casual tee/hoodie (so that she leaves your hoodies alone which she won’t lol), etc. For this just do a little research and find out what she is planning on buying then be a little faster than her and gift it to her before she buys it herself. And now she misses or kisses you every time she uses it.

Gift-Ideas-for-her-Personalized Accessories (1)

18. Electronic Gadgets

The world is pacing fast technologically but you could remain calm and slow along with trying all the new technologies. So one of the most useful genres of gifts could be gadgets- earphones, headphones and speakers (wireless and Bluetooth), smartwatch, smartphone, tablets, etc.


So these were our picks for the perfect gift ideas for your girlfriend. Choose the perfect gift for her from the list and make your girl feel like a kid again.

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