17 Baby Shower Hostess Gift Ideas for Mother and Baby

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Giving birth to a baby must be the hardest and the happiest moment of a woman’s life. Baby birth brings with itself lots of pain and responsibilities along with lots of joy and celebrations. One such literal celebration just before the baby arrives is a baby shower. And if you are invited to such an event or if you are a friend or family of the would-be mother and the baby, then we bring to you the most amazing baby shower hostess gift ideas, or simply baby shower gift ideas.

These gifts will not only add to the mother’s happiness and celebration but also make her and the baby’s new life a bit convenient and easier. And also choose from these Baby Shower Wishes to give the new mom your blessings.

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So sit back and get ready to decide on your gift for the new mother from these perfect Best Baby Shower Hostess Gift Ideas below.

Baby Shower Hostess Gift Idea – For the Mother

1. Mother Gift Basket

This might be the most tiring time for the mother. With fluctuating hormones come mood swings, cravings, sickness, and much more. So amidst this situation, let’s focus on making the mother happy. Make a basket full of the stuff that the mother loves- her favorite fruits and chocolates (or whatever she is craving these days), a good book or novel to read, potpourri and scented candles for some vibes, photo frames, and albums to capture these magical moments, a heartfelt note to touch her heartstring

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Mother Gift Basket

2. Spa Gift Card

A good relaxing spa therapy never goes wrong and makes the wrongs right. And trust me this will be the gift the would-be mom will enjoy the most. Gift her a day of relaxing massage, manicure, pedicure, facial, and hair wash and she will cry tears of joy.

baby shower gift idea-Spa Gift Card

3. Comfy Shoes and Clothes

Not only during pregnancy but even after the baby arrives, the first few months specifically will be quite tiresome for the mother. So to help her make this time easier. Get for her some sneakers, flat but fashionable footwear, maternity clothes, breastfeeding-friendly clothes, comfy tees and lowers, stretchable denim, jeggings, leggings, flowy party gowns or dresses

baby shower gift shoes

4. Herbal Tea Set and Dry Fruits

This is a time when most kinds of liquor are a no-no for the would-be mother and nutrient requirement is on peek as the food goes to two people now. So anything herbal and nutritious is a good and thoughtful gift idea for the mother.

baby shower herbal tea

5. Baby Carrier Belt

This belt will decrease the toll on the parent’s back and also make it easier for them to carry their baby where strollers or trolleys are not allowed or simply because there is not that much space. Also, the belt is much easier to port than prams.

6. Breast Pump

This will be a really handy gadget for the new mother. What it does is pumps out breast milk and the milk can be stored. And with more and more working mothers, breast pumps are becoming popular day by day.

baby shower gift idea- Breast Pump

7. Diaper Dispenser

As the name suggests, what this gadget does is- it dispenses diapers. In addition, along with gifting the dispenser, you can before-hand stock the dispenser with diapers so the parents won’t have to run to the store right after the baby will arrive. Because diapers must be the most important amenity that an infant and the parents will ever need.

baby shower gift idea- Diaper Dispenser

8. Diaper Genie

The baby might bring around a minimum of 5-10 dirty diapers with him every single day. What a diaper genie does is store the dirty diapers in it like a dustbin, until and unless someone gets the time to throw them out. Because surely no one is taking out the garbage that many times a day.

9. Gift card

If you are confused about what to gift or if it is a last-minute gift, then you have this one amazing option still left, a gift card. Let the mother decide what she needs and give her the joy of shopping in this tough but happy time.

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Baby Shower Hostess Gift Idea – For the Baby

1. Baby Gift Basket

If you are confused between a lot of gift ideas and you want to give the baby as many presents as much as your love for it, then the easiest and prettiest way to do so is a gift basket. Prepare a cute little baby gift pack or baby gift basket (as cute and little as the baby) with bamboo, jute, plastic, or cloth basket. You can fill this up with small individual gifts like baby essential oils (body massage oil or hair oil), baby shampoo and soaps, baby powder, baby cream, baby lotion, baby-soft wipes, lots of diapers, home clothes, and other daily use supplies.

2. Bassinet

A bassinet, also a basket but for the baby to sleep in. A large number of options are available in the market with the cutest colors and designs. And with technologies advancing daily, foldable, portable, and convertible bassinets are so in right now. Convertible as in it can be turned from a bassinet to pram to even baby cycles and will be useful throughout the baby’s growth years from infant to toddler. Also, a baby mosquito net is a really thoughtful and practical gift along with the bassinet.

baby shower gift idea-Bassinet

3. Pram/Stroller/Trolley

Same as a bassinet, a lot of technology and options are available in these too. Once the baby arrives, it becomes a task for the parents to go shopping or even go for walks to a nearby park. With a pram, stroller, or trolley, it will be a breeze for them. Help the new parents and gift them a vehicle for their baby.

4. Onesies and Nappies

Babies literally need dozens of clothes every day and it could be a task to dress them every time in separate upper and lowers. The solutions for this are onesies and nappies, easy to dress, easy to remove, and easy to wash. Also, onesies are probably the cutest baby clothes ever invented.

5. Woolen Baby Clothes

Even if the baby is arriving in peak summers, but it will be winter soon. Just google woolen baby clothes and you won’t be able to stop yourself from buying them because they are as adorable as wool could ever get. Small socks and gloves, baby caps, pullovers, and sweaters. The options are endless. Go and pick your pick.

baby shower gift idea-Woolen Baby Clothes

6. Baby Blankets and Quilts

You surely don’t want a baby to get lost in a big blanket while sleeping, so gift a soft baby blanket or quilt of his size so he can even kick it off himself if he wants.

baby shower gift idea-Baby Blankets

7. Baby Bed

Adorable baby beds (also foldable, portable and convertible) can be set up right beside the parent’s bed, and also a separate baby bed will give both the parents and the baby some space to sleep peacefully.

baby shower gift idea-Baby Bed

8. Baby Neck Pillow

A baby’s neck needs much more support than our necks. So why should we be the only ones getting pillows? Gift a baby neck pillow which could be used while traveling too apart from while sleeping.

baby shower gift idea-Baby Neck Pillow

So these were our picks for Baby Shower Hostess Gift Ideas. Shower your love on the mother and the baby in form of these gifts and maybe that is why it is called a baby “shower”.

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