45 Arthur Morgan Quotes About Love And Life

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We can’t change what’s done, we can only move on. – Arthur Morgan

Have you ever played Red Dead Redemption II? Arthur Morgan is the protagonist in this game. How about looking into some intense Arthur Morgan Quotes to understand his complex personality and his perspective towards everything around.

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Red Dead Redemption is a multiplayer video game published by Rockstar Games.
It is about a gang stuck in their ways. Arthur Morgan is a fictional character and main member of the gang in Red Dead Redemption. Arthur’s role is that of a horrible person.

He is more of a villain who hurts people and has no heart. But he is playful with people he cares about. Arthur had a disease named Tuberculosis. The story of Red Dead Redemption ends with the death of Arthur Morgan whose last words were: ” I gave you all I had.”

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Let’s not wait anymore and dive into the famous Arthur Morgan Quotes that are unforgettable.

Arthur Morgan Quotes

  • “Lack of something to feel important about is almost the greatest tragedy a man may have.” – Arthur Morgan
  • “You ugly bastard… you got old… and kinda sad. No wonder they all leave you.” – Arthur Morgan
  • “Nothin’ means more to me than this gang. I would kill for it. I would happily die for it. I wish things were different… But it wasn’t us who changed.” – Arthur Morgan
  • “We’re thieves, in a world that don’t want us no more.” – Arthur Morgan

Arthur Morgan Quotes

  • “John made it; he’s the only one.” – Arthur Morgan
  • “Be loyal to what matters.” – Arthur Morgan
  • “I have to insist.” – Arthur Morgan
  • “I gave you all I had.” ― Arthur Morgan
  • “Some jobs aren’t for saving and some legacies are for pissing on.” – Arthur Morgan
red dead redemption quotes
red dead redemption quotes


  • “You enjoy being a rich man’s toy, do ya?” – Arthur Morgan
  • “You know, all that ever mattered to me was loyalty? It was all I knew. It was all I ever believed in.” – Arthur Morgan
  • “You’re gonna sleep with your chest open if you ain’t careful, boy.” – Arthur Morgan
  • “Hell, I ain’t got much to lose, but you gotta do what’s right and cut some loose. John and his family, I’m afraid I have to insist.” – Arthur Morgan
  • “Maybe we should cut you open and count the rings of whiskey.” – Arthur Morgan

Arthur Morgan Quotes

  • “We just got plenty of time, Micah. We all need to have a little chat…” – Arthur Morgan
  • “You’re my favorite parasite… no wait, ringworm’s my favorite parasite, you’re my second-favorite parasite… I lied. Ringworm then rats with the plague, then you.” – Arthur Morgan
  • “Be loyal to what matters.” – Arthur Morgan
  • “More and more of civilization…what a mess we’re making of things.” – Arthur Morgan
  • “I guess… I’m afraid.” – Arthur Morgan
  • “You speak as if killing was something I cared about.” – Arthur Morgan

Arthur Morgan Quotes

  • “Life’s greatest adventure is in doing one’s level best”. – Arthur Morgan
  • “You gonna strangle me too, Dutch”. – Arthur Morgan
  • “We’re more ghosts than people.” – Arthur Morgan
  • “What is going on Dutch? What is happening to us? What’s happening to you?” – Arthur Morgan
  • “All them years, Dutch, for this snake?” – Arthur Morgan
  • “Forgive me if I slip and stab you in the face.” – Arthur Morgan

Arthur Morgan Quotes

  • “Look, I’m sorry, friend. I can barely speak English.” – Arthur Morgan
  • “I do my utmost to avoid you.” – Arthur Morgan
  • “Does this trolley go to Tahiti?” – Arthur Morgan
  • “Women voting? Sure, why not? Anyone dumb enough to wanna vote, I say go for it.” – Arthur Morgan
  • “I hope it’s hot and terrible, Mrs. Downes… Otherwise, I’ll feel I’ve been sold a false Bill of Goods.” – Arthur Morgan
  • “Five thousand dollars? For me? Can I turn myself in?” – Arthur Morgan
  • “I think, as a general rule, Dutch likes to avoid murder within the camp.” – Arthur Morgan
  • “Next time, let the wolves eat all your brain… then you’ll be a genius.” – Arthur Morgan
  • “Hey, Mister!” – Arthur Morgan
  • “We got sloppier than the town drunk… and they know who we are, and where we are, and what we’re doing.” – Arthur Morgan
  • “Humanists are not characteristically strong in faith, hope, and love.” – Arthur Morgan

Arthur Morgan Quotes

  • “You don’t get to live a bad life and have good things happen to you.” – Arthur Morgan
  • “We can’t change what’s done, we can only move on.” – Arthur Morgan
  • “Just do one thing or the other, don’t try to be two people at once.” – Arthur Morgan
  • “Vengeance is an idiot’s game.” – Arthur Morgan

Arthur Morgan Quotes

  • “You, sir, are a fish.” – Arthur Morgan
  • “We each made 15 dollars, oh, and a quarter! Don’t forget the quarter!” – Arthur Morgan
  • “Should I just… sneak on now?” – Arthur Morgan
  • “I guess I… I’m afraid.” – Arthur Morgan
  • “We ain’t both gonna make it.” – Arthur Morgan

What does Arthur Morgan say?

1. "You don’t get to live a bad life and have good things happen to you." – Arthur Morgan
2. "We can’t change what’s done, we can only move on." – Arthur Morgan
3. "Just do one thing or the other, don’t try to be two people at once." – Arthur Morgan
4. "Vengeance is an idiot’s game." – Arthur Morgan
5. "You, sir, are a fish." – Arthur Morgan

What is Arthur Morgan's full name?

Arthur Burton Morgan

Final Words

Arthur Morgan was a complex character. His story was quite tragic and he was not willing to adapt to changing times. But despite everything, he had a good heart. He was a loyal and empathetic person.

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