41 Ambivert Quotes for the Dual Personality in You

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Do you find yourself really shy and reserved around new people but really loud around people you know and people you love? And do you find it difficult to classify yourself between introvert and extrovert? Then the millennial era has found a new word to explain your personality that is ambivert. Ambivert people are the mix of personality factors taken from both shy and loud people and the personality which is unleashed at a given point of time depends on their surrounding and the people, pretty scientific process I would say. And we have brought the best Ambivert Quotes and Sayings for these people.

Being an ambivert might feel like having split personalities. Sometimes you feel like you are having the best time among people and you dance and you talk and you are on top of the world. But then life throws some new people around you and you feel like killing yourself because of the discomfort and anxiety.

You find people around you often saying to you that they never imagined that you were this funny, loud or cool. So take a look at these Ambivert Quotes and Sayings:

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Ambivert Quotes

1. “There is no window to look outside. There is no window to look within. Open the doors.” –  Sanhita Baruah

2. “Some people think I am quiet, while others think I am very social.”

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Ambivert Quotes
Ambivert Quotes

3. “I can perform tasks alone or in a group.”

4. “I don’t always need to be moving, but too much downtime makes me feel bored.”

5. “Being the center of attention is fun for me, but I don’t like it to last.”

6. “I can get lost in my own thoughts just as easily as I can lose myself in a conversation.”

7. “Small talk doesn’t make me uncomfortable, but it does get boring.”

Ambivert Quotes

8. “Ambiverts offer a good balance between the hypersensitivity of some introverts and the domineering attitude of some extroverts.”

9. “Almost belonging everywhere, yet never quite belonging anywhere.”

10. “Some people think I am quiet, while others think I am very social.”

11. “An ambivert brain with introvert heart and extrovert actions.”

Ambivert Quotes

12. “When it comes to trusting other people, sometimes I am skeptical, and other times, I dive right in.”

13. “There is peaceful, there is wild. I am both at the same time.” – sum

Ambivert Quotes

14. “Ambiverts know when to speak up and when to shut up, when to inspect and when to respond, when to push and when to hold back.” – Daniel Pink

15. “Extroverts prefer to talk more, and introverts like to observe and listen. But I know when to speak up and when to listen.”

16. “I might be the one to help break an awkward silence, making others who are more introverted feel comfortable starting a conversation.”

17. “I like small talk but I adore deep conversations”

18. “This mind of mine is deeper than most people care to swim.”

Ambivert Quotes

19. “I love being with people, but I need a break from time to time.”

20. “I want to go out, but not for too long.”

21. “I am very talkative when stimulated but I am happy to listen and observe.”

22. “I love good conversations but also enjoy silence.”

23. “I like socializing but I feel drained if I socialize too much”

Ambivert Quotes

24. “I am an extrovert but I don’t want to indjuge with society. I ain’t an introvert but I do need peace and space from people of different variety.”

25. “I love going out and being surrounded by my friends, but I also crave the time I can spend completely alone with no distractions.”

26. “I belong almost everywhere, yet never quite belong anywhere.”

Ambivert Quotes

27. “Ambiverts typically can adapt to context and situations more easily.”

Funny Ambivert Quotes

28. “If I do go out, half the time I end up wishing I stayed at home.

29. “It is a constant battle for every ambivert to choose between going out with friends, and staying home alone.”

30. “I’m pretty friendly, but I haven’t mastered the art of small talk.”

Funny Ambivert Quotes

31. “I’m neither extrovert nor introvert. I’m just an imperfect example of an ambivert.” – Irfa Rahat

32. “I love to talk to people, but I need to plan it out first.”

33. “My extroverted self makes an outrageous decision and my introverted self has to deal with the consequences.”

34. “My level of outgoingness varies from day to day, so I never really know what to expect.” Hanifah Rahman

35. “I often swing from pinging everyone as I feel lonely to ignoring everyone to be alone.”

36. “Ambiverts say yes to too many things because they aren’t sure what will work best for them.” – Vanessa Van Edwards

Funny Ambivert Quotes
Funny Ambivert Quotes

37. “It’s funny how when I’m loud, people tell me to be quiet. But when I’m quiet, people ask me what’s wrong with me.”

38. “Ambiverts’ extroverted side says yes to things in the future, but then their introverted side had a hard day and no longer wants to go.” – Vanessa Van Edwards

39. “I’m either way too familiar or just painfully shy — it’s all very confusing.”

40. “When ambiverts are in a bad mood…nothing sounds fun.” – Vanessa Van Edwards

Ambivert Quotes

41. “Ambiverts like going out only when they are in the right mood, with the right people.” – Vanessa Van Edwards

Ambivert people enjoy the best of both the world. They love peace and me time and can enjoy for hours with no human contact, indulge in their work, plants, book or craft. On the other hand, once they get to know their circle well, they can have blast at parties and get together. And hence they rock.

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