16 Best 6-Month Anniversary Gifts and Gestures for Her

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Now that you have spent the last six months with the love of your life and now that you feel like that she is the most loving, kind, and beautiful wife and you are the luckiest husband in the world, this is the perfect time to gift her something, the 6-month anniversary gifts for her. This gift could be to say, ‘you are beautiful’ or ‘I love you’ or ‘thank you’ or to say anything and everything that you have always wanted to tell her when she roams around in both of your’s home, half asleep or with wet hair looking like your dream come true.

Marriage could be the most beautiful relationship in the world if it is between two people in love. And the first few months (especially) with the wedding vows still fresh in your minds, with the honeymoon phase still on in full pace, with sneaking some time with her amongst so many relatives could be the most magical moments which you are going to remember for the rest of your lives.

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So to mark this 6-months journey of togetherness, we bring a list of 6-month anniversary gifts for her to choose from. So relax and read on to decide the best anniversary gift for your wife.

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6-Month Anniversary Gifts for Her

1. Solitaire

Diamond is a lady’s best friend. And solitaire must be the king in the diamond world. So gift your queen solitaire jewelry. It doesn’t have to be the typical diamond ring, instead look for various options like a pendant, bracelet, earrings, rose pin.

6-Month Anniversary Gifts Solitaire

2. Framed Marriage Certificate

What is a better and plus legal memory of your wedding than a marriage certificate? Get it framed beautifully and you may add some photos of you two around it too. And if you hesitate on using the original certificate then use a copy of it.

6-Month Anniversary Gifts

3. Photo Pact

Have a pact of getting clicked together professionally to celebrate every six months together, no matter how far away you both are or if there is a fight going on. Getaway to get clicked together and display those pictures. This is a great way to capture memories and moments.

six month anniversary gift for her

4. Get a Tattoo

This is a big step to take and you really must need to think about it before getting a tattoo (or go for a temporary one if in doubt). But it will be really adorable to get a tattoo related to her, like her name, or your wedding date, or the nickname she calls you by, etc. So think and decide. And another option will be to get a couple of tattoos.

6-Month Anniversary Gifts Get tatto

5. Couple T-shirts

If you are one of those cuddly cheesy couples then this is the perfect gift idea. Go for couples t-shirts with funny or sarcastic or cheesy quotes, whatever you both love.

Couple T-shirts

6. Second Honeymoon Vacation

In today’s fast pacing world with bare minimum time for self and family, the best gift for a loved one will be some days of relaxation and togetherness. So plan a small vacation or second honeymoon, even to a close destination, even for a weekend, and enjoy your time with your bride.

6-Month Anniversary Gifts for Her Honeymoon Vacation

7. Pashmina Shawl

A classic pashmina shawl or stole is a must-have in every female wardrobe. With so many varieties, colors, and designs you will surely love at least one of them. And due to export and online marketing, it is easy to order. So gift a pashmina cloth item to her and the best thing is that she can carry it with casuals or traditional attire easily.

6-Month Anniversary Gifts for Her Pashmina Shawl

8. Cashmere Sweater

Just like the pashmina, cashmere sweaters are also classy and will add so much warmth to her closet. And if she is someone who doesn’t carry shawls, then this is the second-best classic winter wear option. It’s a pullover and easy to carry and available in so many options color and design-wise. And these are also easily available online.

6-Month Anniversary Gifts for Her Cashmere Sweater

9. Silk Wear

Gift your queen royal silk attire. Silk is evergreen and so nice to wear. And from party wear to night-suits, silk has a range of options.

6-Month Anniversary Gifts for Her Silk Wear
6-Month Anniversary Gifts for Her Silk Wear

10. Bohemian Stuff

This is the most amazing trend in the world of clothes and accessories and even décor. Bohemian is a really easy and breezy style. With flowy fabric and warm and vibrant colors, this one is sure to impress your girl with your choice. The world has a list of things to offer in this style like bohemian clothes, Jewelry, footwear, home décor, and if you are not able to locate bohemian style in your nearby market then route for the internet and do some online shopping.

11. Photo Album

Collect all the good clicks from your dating days to your pre-wedding shoot, to all the wedding clicks up to the honeymoon, and arrange them in an album with cute sticky notes beneath or add dates of the events in the photos.

6-Month Anniversary Gifts for Her Photo Album

12. Big Photo Collage With Frame

Dial-up a notch the photo album idea and collect all the good clicks from your dating days to your pre-wedding shoot, to all the wedding clicks up to the honeymoon and get a really big framed board, like we used to have in our schools but better and pin-up all the pictures, and keep pinning in upcoming days too. You can also pin up cute notes or memories written on paper.

6-Month Anniversary Gifts for Her Photo Collage

13. Lingerie

Let’s re-spice your newlywed days by gifting her some new lingerie. Choose yourself from a range and enjoy.

Lingerie Gift for wife

14. Room Makeover

If you are living in a pre-decorated home till now, then this is one option or rather a change you can bring into your lives. Invest in home décor and furniture together, taking into consideration the tastes and preferences of both of you. Some ideas are cozy bean bags, couches, and easy chairs. A newly self-decorated home will make you both happier on daily basis.

Room Makeover

15. Invest Together

This is a nonconventional gift idea. But this one will surely bring you two closer on so many levels as life partners. If you two are interested in any kind of investment like a house, land, mutual funds, or stocks, then do it in partnership. But for this one, you will have to do a little bit of research. Plan and proceed with security.

6-Month Anniversary Gifts

16. Joint Bank Account

The second kind of gift on a monetary level but easier than the previous one is to start a joint bank account. Might not sound like a cheesy gift but is so much practical and is sure to increase the faith and closeness in your relationship. After all, marriage is not only about vacations and clothing, it’s about being partners in each and every aspect of life.

best 6 month anniversary gift for her

So these were our picks for the best gift for 6-month anniversary gifts for her. She is the love of your life along with now being your better half for the rest of your life. Make her life beautiful with these beautiful gifts.

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